Tryston Hines Photography: Blog en-us (C) Tryston Hines Photography (Tryston Hines Photography) Thu, 12 Jul 2018 18:33:00 GMT Thu, 12 Jul 2018 18:33:00 GMT Tryston Hines Photography: Blog 120 80 Mr. and Mrs. Underhill "I saw her across the field and mentioned how I'd like to marry a woman like that. I didn't see her for a year. Then my sister met a girl through a campus ministry and told me she'd be perfect for me. I was skeptical but quickly remembered who she was. I asked her on a date (or maybe she brought it about) and told her I would pick her up for breakfast at 7:03 and the rest is history. We got engaged about a year later and could not have been more blessed with the path the Lord has laid out for us!" - Cody

When my own daughter gets married I hope it's to someone who looks at her the way Cody looks at Rashelle. When he turned around to see her and his jaw dropped and tears came, he said "are you really marrying ME?" He just stared at her in disbelief that someone could be so beautiful, inside and out. 
When my son gets married I hope it's to someone who looks at him like he's her sun, her moon, and all the stars the way Rashelle looks at Cody. Joy just radiates off of her, especially when she's looking at Cody and wrapped in his arms. 
Both of them understand loss, hope, love, and how to be unashamedly goofy ;) I adored every bit of this wedding (except maybe the blistering heat, but you can't tell from the pictures!) and I'm so happy that my cousin has found his happily ever after with someone so amazing! Thank you both for trusting me with documenting your special day <3

Here are some of my favorite moments!

Venue - Heritage Acres in Clarksville, AR
Florals - Vase and Vine
Catering - Susan Moorehouse
Cake - Marnay Shepherd
All dresses and suits - Danielle's Bridal 
Rings - Sissy's Log Cabin
Ceremony Musicians - Braden Page and Sam Snodgrass
Hair - Savannah Underhill
Makeup - Hannah Ricketts
Invitations - Posey Printing
Photography - Tryston Hines Photography

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Mr. and Mrs. Walker Eight years ago Grace said to me "someday I'm going to have you do my wedding pictures", we gushed about it for a bit and then we watched Breakfast at Tiffany's and talked about life. I bumped into the two of them a while back at church and she pulled me aside and said "He's the one. I know it with all my heart." When Jason proposed, Grace sent me a pic of the ring and said "IT'S GO TIME!!!!" and I literally jumped up and squealed. I've gotten to know Grace and her family over the years and couldn't have been more excited for her to find her happily ever after.  Grace and Jason love deeply, laugh loudly and dance in the kitchen (I have pictures), and they were surrounded by a ton of family and friends that cheered them on and showered them with love and joy on their wedding day. Some people just come for the cake - these people came to celebrate! 
I bawled my eyes out several times that day. 
When she and her mother looked at each other when the dress was on and just let it sink in that this was the day - this was the happiest day of her life
When Jason turned to see his gorgeous bride and was SO excited to see her and start their life together
When Kristy proudly walked her daughter down the aisle
When they were pronounced husband and wife and it was pure joy all over their faces as if they had waited a thousand years for each other
When Grace danced with her husband for the first time and she melted into his arms
When Brad held her hand for the Father-Daughter dance
When she lost it when her grandpa got up to hug her and she held on so tightly
I have also never laughed so hard at a wedding - or while editing. Literal streams of tears during the wedding and for hours while I was working on the gallery. There would be 10 gorgeous images and then one completely random, hilarious one. The random goofy faces, the wedding party just letting loose all day, the awkward moment when 4 other brides walked in to the same park when we were doing portraits, La Marcha, Grace's grandpa convincing the DJ he's a mob boss, the dance battles, Jason looking like his life had been changed because of the cake, and so much more. The Walker, Berdin, Allen crew are some of the most fun people to be around (and amazing dancers) and I about died when the platter of McDonalds burgers were brought out. To see the full gallery or to purchase any prints you can click here:
Here of some of my favorite moments from the day! 

Venue: The Marriott in Little Rock
Florals: Cathy's Flowers in Russellville
Catering: Marriott in-house catering
Cakes: Mickey's cakes and sweets
Bride's Dress: Low's 
Bridesmaid dresses: Lulu's 
Suits: Rendezvous
Rings: Sissy's Log Cabin
Hair and Makeup: Face Your Day Salon
DJ: Mario from Center AR Entertainment 
Videography: Sunflower Films
Photography: Tryston Hines Photography

walkerwedding-1-1walkerwedding-1-1 walkerwedding-2-1walkerwedding-2-1 walkerwedding-3-1walkerwedding-3-1 walkerwedding-4-1walkerwedding-4-1 walkerwedding-5-1walkerwedding-5-1 walkerwedding-6-1walkerwedding-6-1 walkerwedding-7-1walkerwedding-7-1 walkerwedding-8-1walkerwedding-8-1 walkerwedding-9-1walkerwedding-9-1 walkerwedding-10walkerwedding-10 walkerwedding-11walkerwedding-11 walkerwedding-12walkerwedding-12 walkerwedding-13walkerwedding-13 walkerwedding-14walkerwedding-14 walkerwedding-15walkerwedding-15 walkerwedding-17walkerwedding-17 walkerwedding-18walkerwedding-18 walkerwedding-19walkerwedding-19 walkerwedding-20walkerwedding-20 walkerwedding-21walkerwedding-21 walkerwedding-22walkerwedding-22 walkerwedding-24walkerwedding-24 walkerwedding-27walkerwedding-27 walkerwedding-28walkerwedding-28 walkerwedding-29walkerwedding-29 walkerwedding-30walkerwedding-30 walkerwedding-31walkerwedding-31 walkerwedding-34walkerwedding-34 walkerwedding-35walkerwedding-35 walkerwedding-36walkerwedding-36 walkerwedding-37walkerwedding-37 walkerwedding-38walkerwedding-38 walkerwedding-39walkerwedding-39 walkerwedding-40walkerwedding-40 walkerwedding-41walkerwedding-41 walkerwedding-42walkerwedding-42 walkerwedding-43walkerwedding-43 walkerwedding-44walkerwedding-44 walkerwedding-45walkerwedding-45


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Rashelle's Bridals This Sunday my cousin Cody married the love of his life, Rashelle! I'm so happy to have been a part of their special day and that I can now share some of my favorites from her bridal session at Subiaco Abbey. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Underhill! 

Florals: Vase and Vine
Dress: Danielle's Bridal
Hair: Savannah Underhill
Makeup: Hannah Ricketts

rashellebridals-1rashellebridals-1 rashellebridals-2rashellebridals-2 rashellebridals-4rashellebridals-4 rashellebridals-6rashellebridals-6 rashellebridals-9rashellebridals-9 rashellebridals-10rashellebridals-10 rashellebridals-12rashellebridals-12 rashellebridals-14rashellebridals-14 rashellebridals-16rashellebridals-16 rashellebridals-17rashellebridals-17 rashellebridals-18rashellebridals-18 rashellebridals-20rashellebridals-20 rashellebridals-22rashellebridals-22 rashellebridals-23rashellebridals-23 rashellebridals-25rashellebridals-25 rashellebridals-27rashellebridals-27 rashellebridals-29rashellebridals-29 rashellebridals-30rashellebridals-30 rashellebridals-33rashellebridals-33 rashellebridals-36rashellebridals-36 rashellebridals-38rashellebridals-38 rashellebridals-40rashellebridals-40 rashellebridals-42rashellebridals-42 rashellebridals-43rashellebridals-43 rashellebridals-45rashellebridals-45 rashellebridals-46rashellebridals-46 rashellebridals-47rashellebridals-47 rashellebridals-48rashellebridals-48 rashellebridals-49rashellebridals-49 rashellebridals-51rashellebridals-51 rashellebridals-52rashellebridals-52 rashellebridals-53rashellebridals-53 rashellebridals-54rashellebridals-54 rashellebridals-55rashellebridals-55 rashellebridals-56rashellebridals-56 rashellebridals-58rashellebridals-58 rashellebridals-59rashellebridals-59 rashellebridals-60rashellebridals-60

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McKinley's birth I have had the honor of photographing the Baer Family 15 times at this point. 15. We've had a wedding package, a full baby milestone plan, family sessions, and now another baby's pregnancy announcement, birth and newborn session! I don't officially photograph births anymore, but I love being there for clients that I've done past births for and it definitely makes it much easier when it's a scheduled induction! Erin went in around midnight on May 3rd to start her induction process and they broke her water around 9:30ish that morning. The dilation was slow, and then all of a sudden Erin flew from like a 3 to a 10 within the last hour (which was how it went with Cooper too!). The nurse came in and said she was at 8 1/2 and about a minute after she left Erin said you need to get her back in here! Sure enough, she was crowning. Erin's doctor made it just in time (after the nurses encouraged Erin to NOT push) to put gloves on and Erin pushed through 3 contractions and her sweet baby girl came out to meet her parents. McKinley Jo was born at 1:32pm weighing 6 lbs 15oz and measuring 20.5 inches long. She was greeted first by her parents, later by her big brother, and then grandparents and aunts! 
Erin and Anthony, thank you again for letting me document another amazing moment in your lives. I'm so glad I've gotten to watch your family grow!

mckinleybirth-1mckinleybirth-1 mckinleybirth-2mckinleybirth-2 mckinleybirth-3mckinleybirth-3 mckinleybirth-4mckinleybirth-4 mckinleybirth-5mckinleybirth-5 mckinleybirth-6mckinleybirth-6 mckinleybirth-7mckinleybirth-7 mckinleybirth-8mckinleybirth-8 mckinleybirth-9mckinleybirth-9 mckinleybirth-10mckinleybirth-10 mckinleybirth-11mckinleybirth-11 mckinleybirth-12mckinleybirth-12 mckinleybirth-13mckinleybirth-13 mckinleybirth-14mckinleybirth-14 mckinleybirth-15mckinleybirth-15 mckinleybirth-16mckinleybirth-16 mckinleybirth-17mckinleybirth-17 mckinleybirth-18mckinleybirth-18 mckinleybirth-19mckinleybirth-19 mckinleybirth-20mckinleybirth-20 mckinleybirth-21mckinleybirth-21 mckinleybirth-22mckinleybirth-22 mckinleybirth-23mckinleybirth-23 mckinleybirth-24mckinleybirth-24 mckinleybirth-25mckinleybirth-25 mckinleybirth-26mckinleybirth-26 mckinleybirth-27mckinleybirth-27 mckinleybirth-28mckinleybirth-28 mckinleybirth-29mckinleybirth-29 mckinleybirth-30mckinleybirth-30 mckinleybirth-31mckinleybirth-31 mckinleybirth-32mckinleybirth-32 mckinleybirth-33mckinleybirth-33 mckinleybirth-34mckinleybirth-34 mckinleybirth-35mckinleybirth-35 mckinleybirth-36mckinleybirth-36 mckinleybirth-37mckinleybirth-37 mckinleybirth-38mckinleybirth-38 mckinleybirth-39mckinleybirth-39 mckinleybirth-40mckinleybirth-40 mckinleybirth-41mckinleybirth-41 mckinleybirth-42mckinleybirth-42 mckinleybirth-43mckinleybirth-43 mckinleybirth-44mckinleybirth-44 mckinleybirth-45mckinleybirth-45 mckinleybirth-46mckinleybirth-46 mckinleybirth-47mckinleybirth-47 mckinleybirth-48mckinleybirth-48 mckinleybirth-49mckinleybirth-49 mckinleybirth-50mckinleybirth-50 mckinleybirth-51mckinleybirth-51 mckinleybirth-52mckinleybirth-52 mckinleybirth-53mckinleybirth-53 mckinleybirth-54mckinleybirth-54 mckinleybirth-55mckinleybirth-55 mckinleybirth-56mckinleybirth-56 mckinleybirth-57mckinleybirth-57 mckinleybirth-58mckinleybirth-58 mckinleybirth-60mckinleybirth-60 mckinleybirth-62mckinleybirth-62 mckinleybirth-63mckinleybirth-63 mckinleybirth-64mckinleybirth-64 mckinleybirth-65mckinleybirth-65 mckinleybirth-66mckinleybirth-66 mckinleybirth-67mckinleybirth-67 mckinleybirth-69mckinleybirth-69 mckinleybirth-71mckinleybirth-71 mckinleybirth-70mckinleybirth-70 mckinleybirth-68mckinleybirth-68

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Grace's Bridals Yesterday Grace became Mrs. Walker! I'm so excited for the two of them and also happy that I can now share some favorites from her bridal session at St. Catherine's at Bell Gable in Fayettville. Enjoy these while I get started on organizing a couple thousand wedding images, haha! 

Hair- Raven from Face Your Day Salon
makeup- Emily from Face Your Day Salon
dress- Low's Bridal Shoppe
Florals - Cathy's Flowers

gracebridals-1gracebridals-1 gracebridals-3gracebridals-3 gracebridals-4gracebridals-4 gracebridals-5gracebridals-5 gracebridals-6gracebridals-6 gracebridals-7gracebridals-7 gracebridals-8gracebridals-8 gracebridals-10gracebridals-10 gracebridals-11gracebridals-11 gracebridals-12gracebridals-12 gracebridals-14gracebridals-14 gracebridals-16gracebridals-16 gracebridals-17gracebridals-17 gracebridals-19gracebridals-19 gracebridals-20gracebridals-20 gracebridals-21gracebridals-21 gracebridals-23gracebridals-23 gracebridals-24gracebridals-24 gracebridals-26gracebridals-26 gracebridals-27gracebridals-27 gracebridals-28gracebridals-28 gracebridals-29gracebridals-29 gracebridals-30gracebridals-30 gracebridals-31gracebridals-31 gracebridals-33gracebridals-33 gracebridals-36gracebridals-36 gracebridals-37gracebridals-37 gracebridals-38gracebridals-38 gracebridals-39gracebridals-39 gracebridals-40gracebridals-40 gracebridals-41gracebridals-41 gracebridals-42gracebridals-42 gracebridals-43gracebridals-43 gracebridals-46gracebridals-46 gracebridals-47gracebridals-47 gracebridals-48gracebridals-48 gracebridals-50gracebridals-50 gracebridals-52gracebridals-52 gracebridals-55gracebridals-55


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Amber and Hayden - Engagement Amber and Hayden might be two of the most awesome people I've met! They were up for meeting at Long Pool and then backtracking all the way to Russellville for some downtown pictures. They didn't ask questions when I wanted to stop somewhere pretty sketchy looking because I was obsessed with a tree, and I'm so glad because those are some of my favorite images! We laughed the whole time (I saved a good chunk of bloopers in their gallery) and really got to know each other. I'm so excited for their Cabin Creek Lookout wedding this summer! I just know that Amber is going to be STUNNING and that the whole day will be a blast! Thanks for spending the afternoon with me, guys!
Here are a few of my faves:

dwyeresess-1dwyeresess-1 dwyeresess-2dwyeresess-2 dwyeresess-3dwyeresess-3 dwyeresess-4dwyeresess-4 dwyeresess-5dwyeresess-5 dwyeresess-6dwyeresess-6 dwyeresess-7dwyeresess-7 dwyeresess-8dwyeresess-8 dwyeresess-9dwyeresess-9 dwyeresess-10dwyeresess-10 dwyeresess-11dwyeresess-11 dwyeresess-12dwyeresess-12 dwyeresess-13dwyeresess-13 dwyeresess-14dwyeresess-14 dwyeresess-15dwyeresess-15 dwyeresess-16dwyeresess-16 dwyeresess-17dwyeresess-17 dwyeresess-18dwyeresess-18 dwyeresess-19dwyeresess-19 dwyeresess-20dwyeresess-20 dwyeresess-22dwyeresess-22 dwyeresess-24dwyeresess-24 dwyeresess-25dwyeresess-25 dwyeresess-26dwyeresess-26 dwyeresess-27dwyeresess-27 dwyeresess-28dwyeresess-28 dwyeresess-29dwyeresess-29 dwyeresess-30dwyeresess-30 dwyeresess-32dwyeresess-32 dwyeresess-35dwyeresess-35 dwyeresess-36dwyeresess-36 dwyeresess-37dwyeresess-37

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Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Stephanie and Tim are two beautiful souls who decided to elope on a mountain in the middle of January in the freezing cold! We got to spend a couple hours driving around to different spots around Petit Jean just capturing their love and not worrying about rushing to cut cake, get back to guests, timelines, vendors, etc. Elopements are really an amazing way to celebrate in a much more relaxed environment. We still did detail shots, getting ready images, and a first look! We spent the afternoon taking portraits and talking about our favorite movies and the next day they exchanged vows. The water was covered in ice and the wind blew their hair around in crazy ways but the two of them just looked at each other with so much warmth and adoration that it really didn't matter what the weather was doing. 

Thank you both for being so adventurous and for letting me document this magical time in your lives <3

Location - Petit Jean Mountain
Tim's suit- JcPenny
Rings- Tara & Co. Diamonds
Bouquet- Artistic Florist
Dress- Lulus
Hair- Carlie Lay at Symmetrix Salon

elope-1elope-1 elope-2elope-2 elope-3elope-3 elope-4elope-4 elope-5elope-5 elope-6elope-6 elope-7elope-7 elope-11elope-11 elope-13elope-13 elope-17elope-17 elope-18elope-18 elope-19elope-19 elope-20elope-20 elope-22elope-22 elope-23elope-23 elope-24elope-24 elope-25elope-25 elope-26elope-26 elope-27elope-27 elope-28elope-28 elope-29elope-29 elope-30elope-30 elope-31elope-31 elope-32elope-32 elope-33elope-33 elope-34elope-34 elope-35elope-35 elope-36elope-36 elope-37elope-37 elope-38elope-38 elope-39elope-39 elope-40elope-40 elope-41elope-41 elope-43elope-43 elope-44elope-44 elope-45elope-45 elope-46elope-46 elope-47elope-47 elope-49elope-49 elope-50elope-50 elope-51elope-51 elope-52elope-52 elope-56elope-56 elope-57elope-57 elope-58elope-58 elope-59elope-59 elope-60elope-60 elope-61elope-61 elope-62elope-62 elope-63elope-63 elope-64elope-64 elope-65elope-65 elope-66elope-66 elope-67elope-67 elope-68elope-68 elope-69elope-69 elope-70elope-70 elope-71elope-71 elope-72elope-72 elope-73elope-73 elope-74elope-74 elope-77elope-77 elope-78elope-78 elope-79elope-79 elope-80elope-80 elope-81elope-81

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Grace and Jason Grace and I have been talking about her wedding photography for a while, like 7 years or something like that! We were just waiting for her own Prince Charming to find her. Who would have thought that she already knew him? Grace and Jason both went to high school together and now they are planning a spring wedding that I am so thrilled to be a part of! Until then, I get to share a bunch of favorites from their engagement session last month! 

We started out doing some "lifestyle" portraits in Grace's mom's kitchen and then exploring outside for a little bit - then headed over to Jason's parents' house for a stroll around the yard with their puppies <3 

gracon-1gracon-1 gracon-2gracon-2 gracon-4gracon-4 gracon-5gracon-5 gracon-6gracon-6 gracon-8gracon-8 gracon-9gracon-9 gracon-10gracon-10 gracon-11gracon-11 gracon-12gracon-12 gracon-14gracon-14 gracon-15gracon-15 gracon-16gracon-16 gracon-20gracon-20 gracon-21gracon-21 gracon-22gracon-22 gracon-23gracon-23 gracon-24gracon-24 gracon-26gracon-26 gracon-27gracon-27 gracon-28gracon-28 gracon-29gracon-29 gracon-30gracon-30 gracon-31gracon-31 gracon-32gracon-32 gracon-34gracon-34 gracon-35gracon-35 gracon-36gracon-36 gracon-37gracon-37 gracon-38gracon-38 gracon-39gracon-39 gracon-43gracon-43 gracon-45gracon-45 gracon-46gracon-46 gracon-48gracon-48 gracon-49gracon-49 gracon-51gracon-51 gracon-53gracon-53 gracon-54gracon-54 gracon-56gracon-56 gracon-57gracon-57 gracon-58gracon-58 gracon-59gracon-59 gracon-60gracon-60 gracon-61gracon-61 gracon-62gracon-62 gracon-64gracon-64 gracon-65gracon-65 gracon-66gracon-66 gracon-67gracon-67 gracon-68gracon-68 gracon-69gracon-69



(Tryston Hines Photography) Wed, 06 Dec 2017 21:58:01 GMT
kristin Now that this sweet, gorgeous woman is married to the sweetest man alive I can finally share her bridals! It was freezing cold (randomly, thanks Arkansas) and threatening rain the whole time, but Kristin had her heart set on taking her bridal portraits at St. Catherine's and I'm so, so glad. We had a chance to explore the grounds a little bit and take some beautiful portraits while Kristin told me all about Mark and his wonderful cooking. (I had some at the wedding, he's legit.) Also, Kristin's dress has pockets! Every wedding dress should have pockets!! 

Venue: St. Catherine's at Bell Gable
Florals: Cathy's Flowers
Hair: Brooke Fletcher
Makeup: MaRaya Hunnicutt - VSpa

bridals-5bridals-5 bridals-10bridals-10 bridals-17bridals-17 bridals-26bridals-26 bridals-31bridals-31 bridals-46bridals-46 bridals-50bridals-50 bridals-59bridals-59 bridals-63bridals-63 bridals-67bridals-67 bridals-69bridals-69 bridals-98bridals-98

Congratulations Kristin and Mark!!


(Tryston Hines Photography) Mon, 20 Nov 2017 16:15:12 GMT
Mr. and Mrs. Fite Lauren and John tied the knot at Cabin Creek Lookout last month and the day was as close to perfect as you could ask for! The weather was nice, the food was fantastic, and the people were amazing :) Lauren was stunning, and when John turned around to see her for the first time that day you could see in his eyes that he thought so too. Thank you guys for being willing to follow all my crazy directions (snuggle your faces like cats! spin her around like a disney princess! squeeze each other like you're cold at a football game!) and for letting me document your magical day. I wish you both the best that married life has to offer and I'm so honored to have been there at the beginning of it! 

Thank you to these amazing vendors for making the day happen:

Venue and catering: Cabin Creek Lookout
Florals: Cathy's Flowers (and and extra special high five to Joe for always being a wedding-day rockstar)
Cake: Michelle Mayor
Hair: Abbey Lee
Dress: Danielle's Bridal 
Suits: The Bridal Cottage
DJ: Alpha 1 entertainment 

fite-3fite-3 fite-1fite-1 fite-4fite-4 fite-5fite-5 fite-6fite-6 fite-7fite-7 fite-8fite-8 fite-9fite-9 fite-10fite-10 fite-12fite-12 fite-14fite-14 fite-16fite-16 fite-17fite-17 fite-18fite-18 fite-19fite-19 fite-21fite-21 fite-22fite-22 fite-23fite-23 fite-24fite-24 fite-27fite-27 fite-30fite-30 fite-31fite-31 fite-34fite-34 fite-35fite-35 fite-37fite-37 fite-39fite-39 fite-40fite-40 fite-42fite-42 fite-43fite-43 fite-44fite-44 fite-47fite-47 fite-49fite-49 fite-50fite-50 fite-52fite-52 fite-54fite-54 fite-55fite-55 fite-56fite-56 fite-57fite-57 fite-58fite-58 fite-59fite-59 fite-61fite-61 fite-62fite-62 fite-63fite-63 fite-64fite-64 fite-66fite-66 fite-67fite-67 fite-68fite-68 fite-69fite-69 fite-71fite-71 fite-72fite-72 fite-73fite-73 fite-74fite-74 fite-75fite-75 fite-76fite-76 fite-77fite-77 fite-78fite-78 fite-79fite-79 fite-80fite-80 fite-81fite-81 fite-82fite-82 fite-83fite-83 fite-84fite-84 fite-86fite-86 fite-87fite-87 fite-88fite-88 fite-91fite-91 fite-95fite-95 fite-99fite-99 fite-100fite-100 fite-105fite-105

(Tryston Hines Photography) Fri, 17 Nov 2017 22:36:59 GMT
Taylor and Brian Taylor and Brian have a sweet, best-friend and partner-forever kind of love. They spent part of Brian's birthday with me driving around town to get some diverse backgrounds for their engagement session and I couldn't be happier with the results! I'm looking forward to their Spring wedding and until then check out some of my favorites from their e-session!

ratzeng-1ratzeng-1 ratzeng-2ratzeng-2 ratzeng-3ratzeng-3 ratzeng-4ratzeng-4 ratzeng-5ratzeng-5 ratzeng-6ratzeng-6 ratzeng-7ratzeng-7 ratzeng-8ratzeng-8 ratzeng-9ratzeng-9 ratzeng-10ratzeng-10 ratzeng-12ratzeng-12 ratzeng-14ratzeng-14 ratzeng-15ratzeng-15 ratzeng-16ratzeng-16 ratzeng-17ratzeng-17 ratzeng-18ratzeng-18 ratzeng-20ratzeng-20 ratzeng-21ratzeng-21 ratzeng-22ratzeng-22 ratzeng-23ratzeng-23 ratzeng-24ratzeng-24 ratzeng-25ratzeng-25 ratzeng-26ratzeng-26 ratzeng-27ratzeng-27 ratzeng-29ratzeng-29 ratzeng-30ratzeng-30 ratzeng-31ratzeng-31 ratzeng-32ratzeng-32

(Tryston Hines Photography) Tue, 03 Oct 2017 14:38:44 GMT
Mr. and Mrs. Gangluff Tara and Jonathon became husband and wife in the sweetest little church in their hometown of St. Vincent, AR. They were surrounded by a ton of bridesmaids, groomsmen, friends, and family as they became Mr. and Mrs. Gangluff. Here is a snapshot of their happily-ever-after! 

Venue: St. Vincent Catholic Church
Coordinator: Becky Lewandowski
DJ: Brian Rohlman
Hair: Kristie Ward 
Makeup: Sam Henry 
Florals: Pam Teague 
Dresses: LuLu's 
Suits: Merle Norman 
Decor: done by family
Groom's cake: Janet Speights
Bride's cake: Michelle Poteete
Catering: Personal Touch - Vicki Harris


There is a cat at this church who likes to photobomb - he followed me around for a while before I just went with it and let him be in the picture! (He's actually photoshopped out of the first one) gangluffwed-1gangluffwed-1 gangluffwed-5gangluffwed-5 gangluffwed-6gangluffwed-6 gangluffwed-7gangluffwed-7 gangluffwed-9gangluffwed-9 gangluffwed-4gangluffwed-4 gangluffwed-10gangluffwed-10

Tara decided to do a first look with her dad followed by one with her groom so that she could spend a little time with each of them before the wedding day started moving fast! gangluffwed-11gangluffwed-11 gangluffwed-15gangluffwed-15 gangluffwed-16gangluffwed-16 gangluffwed-21gangluffwed-21 gangluffwed-22gangluffwed-22 gangluffwed-24gangluffwed-24 gangluffwed-25gangluffwed-25 gangluffwed-27gangluffwed-27 gangluffwed-28gangluffwed-28 gangluffwed-30gangluffwed-30 gangluffwed-31gangluffwed-31 gangluffwed-33gangluffwed-33 gangluffwed-34gangluffwed-34 gangluffwed-35gangluffwed-35 gangluffwed-37gangluffwed-37 gangluffwed-39gangluffwed-39 gangluffwed-40gangluffwed-40 gangluffwed-41gangluffwed-41 gangluffwed-38gangluffwed-38 gangluffwed-43gangluffwed-43 gangluffwed-45gangluffwed-45 gangluffwed-46gangluffwed-46 gangluffwed-47gangluffwed-47 gangluffwed-48gangluffwed-48 gangluffwed-49gangluffwed-49 gangluffwed-50gangluffwed-50 gangluffwed-51gangluffwed-51 gangluffwed-52gangluffwed-52

When you just want to go back to bed but people insist you have to work! I get it man, I do.  gangluffwed-53gangluffwed-53 gangluffwed-56gangluffwed-56 gangluffwed-57gangluffwed-57 gangluffwed-59gangluffwed-59 gangluffwed-60gangluffwed-60 gangluffwed-61gangluffwed-61 gangluffwed-62gangluffwed-62 gangluffwed-63gangluffwed-63 gangluffwed-64gangluffwed-64 gangluffwed-65gangluffwed-65 gangluffwed-66gangluffwed-66 gangluffwed-67gangluffwed-67 gangluffwed-69gangluffwed-69 gangluffwed-68gangluffwed-68 gangluffwed-70gangluffwed-70 gangluffwed-72gangluffwed-72 gangluffwed-73gangluffwed-73 gangluffwed-74gangluffwed-74 gangluffwed-75gangluffwed-75 gangluffwed-76gangluffwed-76 gangluffwed-77gangluffwed-77 gangluffwed-78gangluffwed-78 gangluffwed-82gangluffwed-82 gangluffwed-86gangluffwed-86 gangluffwed-88gangluffwed-88 gangluffwed-90gangluffwed-90 gangluffwed-91gangluffwed-91 gangluffwed-92gangluffwed-92

Tara and Jonathon, I hope these images bring you joy every time you see them. I hope you decorate your home with them so that every time you walk by, you can't help but re-live some of these special moments and fall in love all over again. You guys are the best! Thank you for letting me document your happily ever after.


(Tryston Hines Photography) Fri, 01 Sep 2017 18:24:56 GMT
Kristina and Alec I first got the email from Kristina's mom about setting up an engagement shoot for her daughter. Kristina was in London and would be coming back the week of the 4th of July, but then her fiancé would be leaving a week later so there was a very small window! She and I set up the session and I was excited to meet them both on the 6th for the first time. When we got started I asked about wedding planning and they looked at each other and grinned and said.. "Actually, we're already married!" Wait, what???? "Didn't you just propose on the 4th?" "Yep, and we got married on the 5th". 

Most people don't propose one day, get married the next day, then do their engagement photos on the 3rd, but when you've got one week with each other before being separated again for 2 months you just get it all done together! Kristina and Alec actually have a wild ride in front of them still - so I asked for her to tell the story in her own words:

"Alec and I met our junior year of high school at Russellville High School. We had AP Biology and AP Government together. I remember he told me a chemistry joke, and I knew right then I liked him. We dated for almost two years and then we broke up. We reconnected last December when we bumped into each other at the gym. He texted me after I left and we started talking again and never stopped. If there is one thing I have found to be true, it's that when you know, you know. We had five very short months together before I left for London, UK a week after we graduated high school. I was there for six weeks. I arrived back in Arkansas on July 3rd and he was leaving for the Navy on July 10th. He proposed July 4th (we are quite the patriotic couple) and we got married July 5th. It was fast and it was crazy, but if I wasn't his legal wife we wouldn't be able to see each other for almost two years. Now that I'm his wife, I get to move out to San Diego with him at the beginning of the year. I love him so much, it'll be a grueling process, but I have no doubt in my mind we've got this."


Kristina and Alec, thank you for letting me capture your love as newlyweds! I hope these pictures bring a smile to your faces while you wait to see each other again. Alec, good luck on your training and thank you for your service! Congratulations on your engagement/wedding and I wish you all the best!


lester-1lester-1 lester-3lester-3 lester-4lester-4 lester-2lester-2 lester-5lester-5 lester-7lester-7 lester-8lester-8 lester-9lester-9 lester-10lester-10 lester-11lester-11 lester-12lester-12 lester-13lester-13 lester-14lester-14 lester-15lester-15 lester-16lester-16 lester-17lester-17 lester-18lester-18 lester-19lester-19 lester-20lester-20 lester-21lester-21 lester-22lester-22 lester-23lester-23 lester-24lester-24 lester-25lester-25 lester-26lester-26 lester-27lester-27 lester-28lester-28 lester-29lester-29 lester-30lester-30 lester-31lester-31 lester-32lester-32 lester-33lester-33 lester-34lester-34

(Tryston Hines Photography) Sat, 12 Aug 2017 20:11:40 GMT
Mr. and Mrs. McKinney Alex and Zach were two of the most hilarious people I'd ever met - until I met the rest of their wedding party. I've never laughed so much at a wedding! These people are just full of life and their joy is contagious. While I was editing the dance pictures I actually laughed so hard I cried and fell off my chair once. I can only hope that when they look back at their wedding pictures Zach and Alex are reminded of how much fun they had and how they were surrounded by love and friendships. 

Venue: Mount Magazine Lodge
Dress: Twirl Boutique - Lexington KY
Hair: Brandie Housley and Savannah Underhill Smith
Flowers and Coordination: Cathy's Flowers and Events
Makeup: Lacey Loyd
Cake: Mrs. Sutterfield
Cookies: Kneading Hands Bakery
Ceremony Musicians: CJ and Allie Smith
Officiants: Greg Sykes and Tim Carter
DJ: Dj JellyBean - Central AR Entertainment
Videography: Ryan Taylor
Photography: Tryston Hines Photography ;)

mckinney-1mckinney-1 mckinney-2mckinney-2 mckinney-4mckinney-4 mckinney-5mckinney-5 mckinney-6mckinney-6 mckinney-7mckinney-7 mckinney-9mckinney-9 mckinney-8mckinney-8 mckinney-13mckinney-13 mckinney-14mckinney-14 mckinney-15mckinney-15 mckinney-16mckinney-16 mckinney-17mckinney-17 mckinney-18mckinney-18 mckinney-20mckinney-20 mckinney-21mckinney-21 mckinney-24mckinney-24 mckinney-27mckinney-27 mckinney-28mckinney-28 mckinney-29mckinney-29 mckinney-30mckinney-30 mckinney-31mckinney-31 mckinney-32mckinney-32 mckinney-34mckinney-34 mckinney-37mckinney-37 mckinney-42mckinney-42 mckinney-43mckinney-43 mckinney-44mckinney-44 mckinney-45mckinney-45 mckinney-46mckinney-46 mckinney-47mckinney-47 mckinney-48mckinney-48 mckinney-50mckinney-50 mckinney-53mckinney-53
After the romantic first look all bets were off. The boys showed up and it was pure craziness from there out!  mckinney-55mckinney-55 mckinney-56mckinney-56 mckinney-57mckinney-57 mckinney-58mckinney-58 mckinney-59mckinney-59 mckinney-60mckinney-60 mckinney-61mckinney-61 mckinney-64mckinney-64 mckinney-71mckinney-71 mckinney-70mckinney-70 mckinney-72mckinney-72 mckinney-73mckinney-73 mckinney-74mckinney-74 mckinney-75mckinney-75 mckinney-76mckinney-76 mckinney-77mckinney-77 mckinney-79mckinney-79 mckinney-80mckinney-80 mckinney-81mckinney-81 mckinney-82mckinney-82 mckinney-67mckinney-67 mckinney-84mckinney-84 mckinney-85mckinney-85 mckinney-89mckinney-89

The first dance for Father/Daughter started off nice and sweet and pretty quickly got crazy. It was super fun, and the big surprise was when the Mother/Son dance took over and the whole thing turned into a dance off!   mckinney-90mckinney-90 mckinney-96mckinney-96 mckinney-98mckinney-98 mckinney-102mckinney-102 mckinney-106mckinney-106

Don't have a garter? Just throw a chocolate covered strawberry.   mckinney-110mckinney-110 mckinney-118mckinney-118 mckinney-114mckinney-114


Alex and Zach, I'd wish you all the happiness life has to offer but I think you already have it :) I was honored to have captured your special day for you and I hope these images make you smile for many, many years. 



(Tryston Hines Photography) Sat, 12 Aug 2017 18:48:53 GMT
Tara Bridals Mr. and Mrs. Gangluff tied the knot last week in St. Vincent, AR. It was a beautiful day with wonderful people there to celebrate the newlyweds! I'll be sharing a handful of favorites soon, but first I can share my favorites from Tara's bridal session that we did earlier in the summer. :) The bridal session was CRAZY windy (we even had a veil fly away) but Tara rocked her session - and who doesn't love a wedding dress with POCKETS?!?

tarabridals-2tarabridals-2 tarabridals-4tarabridals-4 tarabridals-5tarabridals-5 tarabridals-6tarabridals-6 tarabridals-7tarabridals-7 tarabridals-10tarabridals-10 tarabridals-11tarabridals-11 tarabridals-12tarabridals-12 tarabridals-13tarabridals-13 tarabridals-15tarabridals-15 tarabridals-16tarabridals-16 tarabridals-17tarabridals-17 tarabridals-18tarabridals-18 tarabridals-21tarabridals-21 tarabridals-22tarabridals-22 tarabridals-24tarabridals-24

(Tryston Hines Photography) Sat, 05 Aug 2017 21:47:35 GMT
Lauren and John This was one of my favorite engagement sessions ever. We went way out to some land that John's family owns and hiked around through some non-trails and found a gorgeous little spot by the water. It was crazy humid and the bugs kept swarming (straight up attacking me - they kind of left Lauren and John alone) but Lauren looked like a supermodel in spite of it all. Oh and I got to meet their precious puppy!! Here are a few favorites of mine from their session - thanks for being so adventurous, guys! 


june9-2june9-2 june9-3june9-3 june9-4june9-4 june9-5june9-5 june9-6june9-6 june9-7june9-7 june9-8june9-8 june9-9june9-9 june9-10june9-10 june9-11june9-11 june9-12june9-12 june9-13june9-13 june9-14june9-14 june9-15june9-15 june9-16june9-16 june9-18june9-18 june9-19june9-19 june9-20june9-20 june9-21june9-21 june9-22june9-22 june9-23june9-23 june9-25june9-25 june9-26june9-26 june9-27june9-27 june9-28june9-28 june9-29june9-29 june9-30june9-30 june9-31june9-31 june9-32june9-32 june9-33june9-33

(Tryston Hines Photography) Fri, 09 Jun 2017 21:45:16 GMT
Mr. and Mrs. Martinez The forcast showed rain, then thunderstorms, then flash flood warnings - but when we got to the Pecan Grove at Honey Hill the bride was calm, sweet, and just ready to be married. Jaurdan and Brody are two of the sweetest people you will ever meet, and while I would have loved for their day to have had sunny and bright weather it didn't really matter. Tons of friends and family braved the storms and filled up that beautiful barn and partied the night away. We actually got to shoot outdoors just long enough to fit in all of the portraits! A few cell phones went off with the warning sirens during the ceremony, but it just made the couple smile while they said their own hand-written vows to each other. 

Brody surprised his bride with a horse-drawn carriage to take her to the ceremony (that's the kind of guy he is) and he smiled at her adoringly as she walked down the aisle to him to become his wife. Jaurdan was stunning in a mermaid cut wedding dress and her awesome gold converses. They made it much easier to walk out to the pecan grove where they had originally intended to have their ceremony so that we could take some pictures. Jaurdan and Brody are adventurous, kind, and so in love - it was an absolute honor to document their wedding!

Dress and Tuxes: Danielle's Bridal
Hair and Makeup: Roots Hair Salon
Cake: Sweet Boutique
Food: 2 Guys Catering
Florals: Clarksville Florist 
DJ: MS Event Group
Venue: Pecan Grove at Honey Hill in Rudy, AR 
Carriage: The Princess's Carriage
Photography: Tryston Hines

martinez-1martinez-1 martinez-2martinez-2 martinez-3martinez-3 martinez-4martinez-4 martinez-5martinez-5 martinez-6martinez-6 martinez-7martinez-7 martinez-8martinez-8 martinez-9martinez-9 martinez-11martinez-11 martinez-12martinez-12 martinez-13martinez-13 martinez-14martinez-14 martinez-15martinez-15 martinez-16martinez-16 martinez-18martinez-18 martinez-19martinez-19 martinez-20martinez-20 martinez-21martinez-21 martinez-22martinez-22 martinez-24martinez-24 martinez-25martinez-25 martinez-26martinez-26 martinez-27martinez-27 wedding-133wedding-133 martinez-29martinez-29 martinez-33martinez-33 martinez-34martinez-34 martinez-35martinez-35 martinez-36martinez-36 martinez-37martinez-37 martinez-38martinez-38 martinez-39martinez-39 martinez-40martinez-40 martinez-41martinez-41 martinez-42martinez-42 martinez-43martinez-43 martinez-44martinez-44 martinez-46martinez-46 martinez-48martinez-48 martinez-49martinez-49 martinez-50martinez-50 martinez-51martinez-51 martinez-52martinez-52 martinez-53martinez-53 martinez-54martinez-54 martinez-55martinez-55 martinez-56martinez-56 martinez-57martinez-57 martinez-58martinez-58 martinez-59martinez-59 martinez-60martinez-60 martinez-61martinez-61 martinez-62martinez-62 martinez-63martinez-63 martinez-64martinez-64 martinez-65martinez-65 martinez-66martinez-66 martinez-67martinez-67 martinez-68martinez-68 martinez-69martinez-69 martinez-70martinez-70 martinez-71martinez-71 martinez-72martinez-72 martinez-73martinez-73 martinez-74martinez-74 martinez-75martinez-75 martinez-76martinez-76 martinez-77martinez-77 martinez-78martinez-78 martinez-79martinez-79 martinez-80martinez-80 martinez-81martinez-81 martinez-82martinez-82 martinez-83martinez-83 martinez-84martinez-84 martinez-90martinez-90 martinez-91martinez-91 martinez-92martinez-92 martinez-94martinez-94 martinez-95martinez-95 martinez-99martinez-99 martinez-100martinez-100 martinez-93martinez-93

Thank you both for letting me photograph this special time in your lives! I wish you all the best and can't wait to see what God has in store for you!


(Tryston Hines Photography) Thu, 08 Jun 2017 16:36:09 GMT
Alaina's Bridals Last night Alaina and Thomas said "I do" in front of friends and family and became Mr. and Mrs. Meares! Now that everyone has seen the gorgeous bride, I can share some favorites from her bridal session at Subiaco Academy. 

Bouquet by Cathy's Flowers - Russellville 
Dress from Always and Forever - Fort Smith
Hair and Makeup by Susan Falls at Allusions - Russellville


alaina-1alaina-1 alaina-2alaina-2 alaina-3alaina-3 alaina-5alaina-5 alaina-6alaina-6 alaina-7alaina-7 alaina-9alaina-9 alaina-10alaina-10 alaina-11alaina-11 alaina-12alaina-12 alaina-15alaina-15 alaina-16alaina-16 alaina-17alaina-17 alaina-19alaina-19 alaina-22alaina-22 alaina-23alaina-23 alaina-24alaina-24 alaina-26alaina-26 alaina-27alaina-27

(Tryston Hines Photography) Sun, 04 Jun 2017 19:32:13 GMT
Jaurdan's Bridals Yesterday Jaurdan and Brody shared their vows (in between flash flood alerts) in a beautifully decorated barn in Rudy, AR. The wedding was gorgeous and the two were surrounded by tons of friends and family who braved the thunderstorms to celebrate with them. I can now share a few of my favorites from Jaurdan's Bridal session from about a month ago. The skies were horribly overcast that day too and threatened rain, but we made it work! Even shooting well into the night when everything had gotten dark. 

Venue: Pecan Grove at Honey Hill

flowers: Clarksville Florist

jaurdanbridals-1jaurdanbridals-1 jaurdanbridals-2jaurdanbridals-2 jaurdanbridals-3jaurdanbridals-3 jaurdanbridals-4jaurdanbridals-4 jaurdanbridals-5jaurdanbridals-5 jaurdanbridals-6jaurdanbridals-6 jaurdanbridals-7jaurdanbridals-7 jaurdanbridals-8jaurdanbridals-8 jaurdanbridals-9jaurdanbridals-9 jaurdanbridals-11jaurdanbridals-11 jaurdanbridals-12jaurdanbridals-12 jaurdanbridals-14jaurdanbridals-14 jaurdanbridals-15jaurdanbridals-15 jaurdanbridals-17jaurdanbridals-17 jaurdanbridals-19jaurdanbridals-19 jaurdanbridals-21jaurdanbridals-21 jaurdanbridals-22jaurdanbridals-22 jaurdanbridals-24jaurdanbridals-24 jaurdanbridals-25jaurdanbridals-25 jaurdanbridals-27jaurdanbridals-27 jaurdanbridals-30jaurdanbridals-30 jaurdanbridals-32jaurdanbridals-32 jaurdanbridals-33jaurdanbridals-33 jaurdanbridals-34jaurdanbridals-34 jaurdanbridals-35jaurdanbridals-35 jaurdanbridals-36jaurdanbridals-36 jaurdanbridals-38jaurdanbridals-38 jaurdanbridals-39jaurdanbridals-39 jaurdanbridals-40jaurdanbridals-40 jaurdanbridals-42jaurdanbridals-42 jaurdanbridals-43jaurdanbridals-43

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Liam's Birth Liam's birth was one of the craziest nights I've had in a while. I got a text from Courtney that she was going to go to labor and delivery for observation after her normal weekly checkup because her blood pressure was a bit high. She figured that they'd monitor it and send her home. 

At 1:40pm I got a text from Nathan saying that they were going to break her water and that they were going to have a baby! I told him that was fantastic and that I'd head their way when she was about 6cm. Almost always with first time moms that means that we've still got at least two hours to go before the pushing starts. AT LEAST. I've never missed a birth but I'm always ready for something crazy to happen just in case, so we kept in touch and it seemed like it was going to be a long night. At about 3pm they broke her water and she was still only 2 cm. Two hours later she was a 3, and around 7 she was almost a 4. At this point I literally texted "Going to be a long night, try to get some sleep!" At 9 she was about a 5/6 so I started getting ready to leave the house and tucked my kiddos into bed. The next text came in only 45 minutes later that she was at an 8/9! I had just left Russellville so I started praying that she would slow down a bit. 20 minutes later she was complete. I was completely stunned, and worried for the first time out of all my births that I wouldn't make it time. Cue more prayers. 

I made it into the delivery room around 10:30 or so and she had just started doing some test pushing. She'd just started, so we were safe and in the clear. They called the doctor and she arrived about 10 minutes later. Courtney had been told to stop her test pushes, so when she started back up I think it was maybe 3 sets of pushes and little Liam was out. It was amazing. I've only ever seen one other first-time momma fly through the end of her labor like that. Liam made his arrival at 10:57. I will say this about Courtney: most moms would have been freaking out but she was cool, calm, and actually making jokes the whole time. She was a total rockstar. I'm forever grateful for this sweet couple who have been with me for engagement pictures, bridals, wedding day, and now pregnancy announcement (I was one of the first to know!!), gender reveal, maternity, and birth. I'm blessed to get to watch little Liam grow and document his milestones until he's a full year old. I'm so honored to have been there to watch Liam enter the world, to hear his first cry, to watch Courtney's tears of joy and relief when he was placed in her arms, to see Nathan's pride and love for his beautiful wife as she bore his son. 

Courtney and Nathan, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am so, so happy for you. You're already amazing parents. Thank you for letting me document this precious day for you. 

P.S. Thank you for the AMAZING gift basket and specifically the chocolate. You guys will forever be favorites of mine. 




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