Cara's Bridals

March 26, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

It's been a long time since we've blogged! Much has happened, regardless of the lack of posting. We've had several sessions the last couple months and all those will be going online very soon. Morning sickness has again taken it's toll (that's right, Hines baby #2 in the works) and while our clients have gotten their pictures on time, the internet side of things has been severely neglected. To make amends, we'll start with sharing Cara Knight's bridals from The Barn at Twin Oaks Ranch from February. 

Cara and Brock were married at the Barn this past Saturday. Cara's February bridals were cold, but nothing compared to her wedding day. You just can't count on March. With all the family and friends there to support and celebrate with the two it was still a wonderful day full of love :) 

Previews from the wedding coming soon!


bridals-1 bridals-2 bridals-4 The ring Cara is holding on the right is a family heirloom that they took the diamonds out of to make Cara's wedding band. Neat!

bridals-6 bridals-8 bridals-9 bridals-10 bridals-11 bridals-12 bridals-13 bridals-14 bridals-15 bridals-16 bridals-18 bridals-19 bridals-20 bridals-21 bridals-23 bridals-24


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