Amber E Lea- custom ceramic designer

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I had the opportunity recently to spend time with a very talented ceramic designer, Amber E Lea, in her Russellville studio. She showed me some amazing pieces and my first thought, of course, was "these would make perfect wedding pieces and bridesmaids gifts!" Even if you aren't looking for a custom hand-made piece for your big day, you should definitely take a look at these stunning ceramics! You can check out more of her work at 



Jewelry designer and ceramicist, Amber E Lea started a contemporary design company specializing in ceramics while focusing on creating handmade wearables, functional pieces, and sculptural art.  Currently southern-based in the Arkansas River Valley, each piece is hand-sculpted by Amber in small batches.



First introduced to clay at a young age, Amber was inspired by its endless possibilities.  After studying ceramics and fine arts in college, she relocated to Louisiana where she collaborated with a design team at a local international jewelry company.  It was during this time that she began experimenting with turning ceramics into jewelry for herself as a way to create simple yet interesting wearables.  Combining ceramic art with fine jewelry would soon form the foundation of Amber E Lea Designs. THP-8THP-8 THP-11THP-11

Amber spent years perfecting every step of the creative process. She found that porcelain proved to be the best material due to its combination of integrity, durability, and elegance. Both the color palette and textures of Amber’s work are largely influenced by her time spent in the high deserts of New Mexico.  She translates the intrinsic and extrinsic beauty of the four classic elements, earth, water, air and fire, into each clay piece.  The jewelry is made with classic white or vibrant colored porcelains, fine metals and raw 22k gold and silver lusters. These miniature porcelain sculptures have become her passion. For Amber, bringing art into everyday lives is a beautiful and necessary thing. THP-10THP-10 THP-12THP-12 THP-13THP-13 THP-14THP-14 THP-17THP-17 THP-18THP-18 THP-20THP-20 THP-21THP-21 THP-22THP-22

Thanks for letting me check out your studio, Amber! Your work is stunning and so are you!



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