Mr. and Mrs. Harris

June 05, 2016  •  2 Comments

Bailey and Thomas met as neighbors at their apartments. The two would see each other outside and sit on the steps and talk for hours and hours. Soon they would find reasons to go outside just to spend time together and over the course of the years developed a friendship that would turn into an unfailing love. Thomas actually asked Bailey seven (yes-seven!) times to be his girl but she wasn't quite ready until that 7th time. In my opinion, I think she knew that loving Thomas would be forever, and that agreeing to be his girl would be agreeing to be his everything. 
She is. She is his everything. 
The two decided to do a first look and I asked Bailey to share what that moment was like for her:
"As soon as I walked out of my bride room and rounded the corner to see him standing on that bridge with his back to me, I lost it. I could barely keep it together. As soon as I saw him all the stress from the day just went away, and I hadn't even seen his face yet! When I finally got to him and got to turn him around, I couldn't stop the tears from forming. He was already crying and I don't believe I've ever felt more beautiful or loved than in that moment. I knew that I'd have nothing to worry about the rest of the day, because that was all I needed right there."

Venue: Wagon Wheel Acres in Dover, AR
DJ: Alpha1 Entertainment

Caterer: Jamie's Creative Catering out of Harrison.
Dress: Danielle's Bridal
Suits: Formal Affairs
Decorations, coordination, and wedding day heroics: by a family friend, Allison Tennant, and the mother of the bride, Bonnie.

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Bailey and Thomas, 
I am so grateful to have been a part of your wedding day. It was an honor and I don't believe I've been so emotional at any other wedding. The way you look at each other, so full of trust, love, loyalty, is inspiring. It's almost like you need each other just to simply breathe. I can't wait to watch your precious family grow. 




Denise myers(non-registered)
Mother of the groom. I loved the day my son found his everything. I seen my self as losing a son, but no I gain a daughter and her wonderful family. Love you bay
Bonnie Ray(non-registered)
As the Mother of the Bride you want your daughter's wedding to be perfect, just like she's pictured it in her mind. Tryston, you captured the perfect day in perfect form. You are an amazing photographer and wonderful person. Thank you so much!
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