Phoenix's birth

June 23, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Phoenix Orion McClure decided to make her way into the world early on Monday, June 13th after 25 hours of labor. Her mom (Amanda) was an absolute rockstar! At 4:30 am on Sunday the 12th Amanda felt her contractions start. By 7am she was admitted to the hospital and was at 3cm. She decided to skip on the epidural as long as possible. She's a warrior (and a crossfit chic). At 12:30 she was at 4cm, at 2:30 she reached 5 cm, and at 6pm her doctor broke her water. Usually, when a mother is progressing fine on her own and then her water breaks, it's a pretty quick sprint to the end (in comparison to the rest of the labor). However, by 9pm she was still measuring at a 5. A quick call to the anesthesiologist gave Amanda some relief and rest while her body needed more time to move Phoenix along. At 1:45am she had reached an 8/9 (not quite a 9, but close) and at 5:30 she started pushing. Almost immediately her nurse told her to STOP pushing or the doctor wouldn't have time to get there. Phoenix wanted to make up for a slow labor with a fast exit! The doctor arrived and two pushes later, at 5:37 am, Phoenix entered the world weighing 7lbs 12oz and measuring 20 1/4 inches long with gorgeous red hair and chubby cheeks! 

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Amanda and Brian, thank you so much for letting me be there for the birth of your amazing daughter. It was an honor, and I can't wait to watch her grow over the next year!



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