Tryston Hines Photography: Blog en-us (C) Tryston Hines Photography (Tryston Hines Photography) Wed, 23 Jun 2021 02:49:00 GMT Wed, 23 Jun 2021 02:49:00 GMT Tryston Hines Photography: Blog 120 80 Alivia's Bridals Now that she's married I can share some favorites from Alivia's stunning Subiaco Abbey session! 

-florals from Cathy's Flowers

aliviabridals-1aliviabridals-1 aliviabridals-2aliviabridals-2 aliviabridals-3aliviabridals-3 aliviabridals-5aliviabridals-5 aliviabridals-7aliviabridals-7 aliviabridals-10aliviabridals-10 aliviabridals-11aliviabridals-11 aliviabridals-12aliviabridals-12 aliviabridals-13aliviabridals-13 aliviabridals-14aliviabridals-14 aliviabridals-16aliviabridals-16 aliviabridals-18aliviabridals-18 aliviabridals-19aliviabridals-19 aliviabridals-20aliviabridals-20 aliviabridals-21aliviabridals-21 aliviabridals-23aliviabridals-23 aliviabridals-24aliviabridals-24 aliviabridals-26aliviabridals-26 aliviabridals-27aliviabridals-27 aliviabridals-28aliviabridals-28 aliviabridals-30aliviabridals-30 aliviabridals-33aliviabridals-33 aliviabridals-35aliviabridals-35 aliviabridals-37aliviabridals-37 aliviabridals-42aliviabridals-42 aliviabridals-45aliviabridals-45 aliviabridals-46aliviabridals-46 aliviabridals-47aliviabridals-47

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Alivia and Chance - engagements All this hot weather has me wishing for cooler temps - and reminiscing about Alivia and Chance's fall engagement session from last year. They wanted to go to Horseshoe Canyon and I am so so glad we went. The weather was gorgeous (even if the sun played a hard game of hide and seek) and the location was perfect. Enjoy some favorites and fall colors while I keep working on their wedding gallery! 

aliviaengagement-1aliviaengagement-1 aliviaengagement-2aliviaengagement-2 aliviaengagement-4aliviaengagement-4 aliviaengagement-5aliviaengagement-5 aliviaengagement-6aliviaengagement-6 aliviaengagement-8aliviaengagement-8 aliviaengagement-9aliviaengagement-9 aliviaengagement-10aliviaengagement-10 aliviaengagement-11aliviaengagement-11 aliviaengagement-12aliviaengagement-12 aliviaengagement-13aliviaengagement-13 aliviaengagement-14aliviaengagement-14 aliviaengagement-15aliviaengagement-15 aliviaengagement-17aliviaengagement-17 aliviaengagement-18aliviaengagement-18 aliviaengagement-19aliviaengagement-19 aliviaengagement-20aliviaengagement-20 aliviaengagement-21aliviaengagement-21 aliviaengagement-22aliviaengagement-22 aliviaengagement-23aliviaengagement-23 aliviaengagement-24aliviaengagement-24 aliviaengagement-25aliviaengagement-25 aliviaengagement-26aliviaengagement-26 aliviaengagement-27aliviaengagement-27 aliviaengagement-28aliviaengagement-28 aliviaengagement-30aliviaengagement-30 aliviaengagement-32aliviaengagement-32 aliviaengagement-33aliviaengagement-33 aliviaengagement-35aliviaengagement-35 aliviaengagement-36aliviaengagement-36 aliviaengagement-37aliviaengagement-37 aliviaengagement-38aliviaengagement-38 aliviaengagement-39aliviaengagement-39 aliviaengagement-41aliviaengagement-41 aliviaengagement-43aliviaengagement-43 aliviaengagement-44aliviaengagement-44 aliviaengagement-45aliviaengagement-45 aliviaengagement-46aliviaengagement-46 aliviaengagement-47aliviaengagement-47 aliviaengagement-48aliviaengagement-48 aliviaengagement-49aliviaengagement-49 aliviaengagement-50aliviaengagement-50 aliviaengagement-51aliviaengagement-51 aliviaengagement-52aliviaengagement-52 aliviaengagement-54aliviaengagement-54 aliviaengagement-55aliviaengagement-55 aliviaengagement-56aliviaengagement-56 aliviaengagement-57aliviaengagement-57

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Brayden 2020 was difficult, and my heart goes out to everyone that was trying to celebrate milestones that couldn't do that with their families like they had planned. Birth Photography was essentially stopped for the majority of the year, but a couple of months ago our local hospital changed their policy to allow two people in with the mother. Brooke and Blake made the decision to have their day documented and allow me the honor of being their second person so that they could share the photos with everyone who couldn't come to the hospital to meet their son. 

Brooke was induced the morning of December 21 and labored throughout the morning and early afternoon, steadily progressing until Brayden got a little bit stuck and needed a little assistance. Brooke was an absolute champion though. Instead of saying "I can't do this" (which most women do as they're pushing) she would say "I've got one more." Blake was always on hand with ice chips, chapstick, and emotional and physical support. After about 2 1/2 hours of tough pushing, Brayden Guy Browning was born at 4:48pm, weighing 8 pounds 9 ounces and measuring 20.5 inches long

THP-1THP-1 THP-10THP-10 THP-12THP-12 THP-16THP-16 THP-20THP-20 THP-22THP-22 THP-24THP-24 THP-32THP-32 THP-34THP-34 THP-36THP-36 THP-38THP-38 THP-40THP-40 THP-46THP-46 THP-48THP-48 THP-50THP-50 THP-53THP-53 THP-55THP-55 THP-60THP-60 THP-64THP-64 THP-77THP-77 THP-83THP-83 THP-105THP-105 THP-115THP-115 THP-123THP-123 THP-129THP-129 THP-158THP-158 THP-160THP-160 THP-164THP-164 THP-174THP-174 THP-188THP-188 THP-190THP-190 THP-195THP-195 THP-198THP-198 THP-199THP-199 THP-203THP-203 THP-207THP-207 THP-211THP-211 THP-218THP-218 THP-220THP-220 THP-222THP-222 THP-225THP-225 THP-227THP-227 THP-230THP-230 THP-241THP-241 THP-244THP-244 THP-249THP-249 THP-256THP-256 THP-263THP-263 THP-266THP-266 THP-270THP-270 THP-272THP-272 THP-274THP-274 THP-279THP-279 THP-316THP-316 THP-320THP-320 THP-328THP-328

My favorite photo of the day: (and all you mommas know the joy of finally getting to eat afterward)  THP-343THP-343 THP-351THP-351 THP-354THP-354 THP-358THP-358 THP-360THP-360 THP-362THP-362 THP-364THP-364 THP-368THP-368 THP-371THP-371 THP-375THP-375 THP-377THP-377 THP-378THP-378 THP-381THP-381 THP-383THP-383 THP-388THP-388 THP-390THP-390 THP-393THP-393 THP-397THP-397 THP-402THP-402 THP-408THP-408 THP-411THP-411 THP-415THP-415 THP-416THP-416 THP-419THP-419 THP-421THP-421 THP-423THP-423 THP-427THP-427 THP-428THP-428 THP-430THP-430 THP-433THP-433

Surprise! You also get a peek at the Brownings coming home and Brayden meeting his grandparents for the first time!  THP-437THP-437 THP-441THP-441 THP-444THP-444 THP-452THP-452 THP-458THP-458 THP-465THP-465 THP-467THP-467 THP-469THP-469 THP-478THP-478 THP-486THP-486 THP-490THP-490 THP-493THP-493 THP-500THP-500 THP-502THP-502 THP-504THP-504 THP-505THP-505 THP-508THP-508 THP-530THP-530 THP-537THP-537 THP-543THP-543 THP-544THP-544 THP-548THP-548 THP-556THP-556 THP-565THP-565 THP-568THP-568 THP-574THP-574 THP-575THP-575 THP-577THP-577 THP-580THP-580 THP-586THP-586 THP-588THP-588 THP-597THP-597 THP-599THP-599

Browning Family, I hope you had an amazing first Christmas as family of 3! It was an honor to photograph another special day for you and I can't wait to watch Brayden grow. Have a wonderful 2021!! 

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Mr. and Mrs. Martin Carlee and Bradley a beautiful ceremony back on July 25 and though they've had their images for a while, it took me a long time to be able to narrow down my own favorites. 2020 was a hard year to plan a wedding, but Carlee and Bradley handled it all so gracefully. Carlee said it best on her own facebook page: "With the challenge of planning a wedding during the middle of a pandemic, I was worried that it wouldn’t turn out how we wanted and that we would have to settle or postpone. At the end of the day, we were getting married and that’s all that truly mattered. I knew everything would be wonderful because I was marrying the man of my dreams, but God went above and beyond to give me the desires of my heart DESPITE what was going on in the world. And as always, His ways and plans are far greater than our own and He knows me better than I know me. He cares about what we care about, even the tiny things that we don’t think are very important. He worked through others to put the day together in a way that I never could on my own. Anyone that knows me, knows that the decorations and style on this day fit me to a T! It was everything I could have wanted and more. A perfect, fairytale wedding. There were tiny details throughout the day that only God could have known would have mattered to me. Things I never would have thought of, but that God knew would be perfect. Reflecting back on this day and other times in my life, I remember how He has always made a way when there seemed to be no way. He is always on time and for that I am thankful"

Carlee and Bradley, thank you so much for letting me document your special memories. I'm glad your wedding was everything you had hoped it would be and I hope these pictures make you smile every time you look at them. 

Venue and Catering: Cabin Creek Lookout
Florist: Cathy's Flowers
Cake: Michelle Mayer
Video: Garrett Johnson and Kevin DeYoung
Photography: Tryston Hines Photography

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Mr. and Mrs. Hopkins Kelly and Jeff decided to elope a few weeks ago at The Barn at Twin Oaks Ranch, and the day couldn't have been more perfect! Kelly's favorite color is purple, and the Barn went above and beyond to make their special day picture perfect ;) 

hopkinswed-1hopkinswed-1 hopkinswed-3hopkinswed-3 hopkinswed-4hopkinswed-4 hopkinswed-7hopkinswed-7
hopkinswed-8hopkinswed-8 hopkinswed-9hopkinswed-9
hopkinswed-11hopkinswed-11 hopkinswed-25hopkinswed-25
hopkinswed-14hopkinswed-14 hopkinswed-16hopkinswed-16 hopkinswed-17hopkinswed-17 hopkinswed-19hopkinswed-19 hopkinswed-26hopkinswed-26 hopkinswed-27hopkinswed-27 hopkinswed-28hopkinswed-28 hopkinswed-30hopkinswed-30 hopkinswed-31hopkinswed-31 hopkinswed-32hopkinswed-32 hopkinswed-33hopkinswed-33 hopkinswed-34hopkinswed-34 hopkinswed-36hopkinswed-36 hopkinswed-39hopkinswed-39 hopkinswed-42hopkinswed-42 hopkinswed-43hopkinswed-43 hopkinswed-48hopkinswed-48 hopkinswed-44hopkinswed-44 hopkinswed-46hopkinswed-46 hopkinswed-47hopkinswed-47 hopkinswed-53hopkinswed-53 hopkinswed-54hopkinswed-54 hopkinswed-55hopkinswed-55 hopkinswed-56hopkinswed-56 hopkinswed-57hopkinswed-57 hopkinswed-58hopkinswed-58 hopkinswed-59hopkinswed-59 hopkinswed-60hopkinswed-60 hopkinswed-61hopkinswed-61 hopkinswed-64hopkinswed-64 hopkinswed-65hopkinswed-65 hopkinswed-66hopkinswed-66 hopkinswed-67hopkinswed-67 hopkinswed-68hopkinswed-68 hopkinswed-69hopkinswed-69 hopkinswed-70hopkinswed-70 hopkinswed-71hopkinswed-71

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Mr. and Mrs. Glasse My beautiful cousin Tori got married on May 30th to the love of her life, TJ. The year 2020 has been a tough one on everyone - but Tori handled the wedding adjustments (change of date/venue/guest list/etc!) with grace and joy. The two of them smiled and cried happy tears and laughed all night as if everything had gone exactly according to plan. 

It took me a long time to be able to narrow down my favorites, but I've really enjoyed re-living the day all over again while picking them out. Tori and TJ - thank you so much for letting me document your special day for you, and for being so flexible and fun. You guys are the best!

Venue - Fairlane Station
Dress  - Danielle's Bridal
Florals - Williams Florist & Gifts
Hair - Savannah Underhill 
Makeup - Rashelle Underhill
Officiants: Tom Underhill and Cody Underhill
Videography - NiLo Productions
Photos - Tryston Hines Photography
Cake - Nothing Bundt Cakes
Catering - Fratelli's Italian Grill (best alfredo I've ever had)
Calligraphy - Hannah Harness and Leah Trusty




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Carlee and Bradley - Engagement session Carlee and Bradley are getting married tomorrow!! We did their engagement session earlier this summer at the amazing Brayberry Farms. We had a great time laughing and sweating and exploring the grounds and sweating... did I mention it was hot? These two were absolute professionals though and did anything I asked them to and looked amazing doing it. The entire gallery was gorgeous and it took me forever to narrow down my favorites, and I could only get them down to 50! Enjoy! 

minkle-1minkle-1 minkle-2minkle-2 minkle-3minkle-3 minkle-4minkle-4 minkle-6minkle-6 minkle-7minkle-7 minkle-8minkle-8 minkle-9minkle-9 minkle-10minkle-10 minkle-11minkle-11 minkle-12minkle-12 minkle-13minkle-13 minkle-14minkle-14 minkle-15minkle-15 minkle-16minkle-16 minkle-17minkle-17 minkle-18minkle-18 minkle-20minkle-20 minkle-21minkle-21 minkle-22minkle-22 minkle-23minkle-23 minkle-24minkle-24 minkle-25minkle-25 minkle-26minkle-26 minkle-27minkle-27 minkle-29minkle-29 minkle-30minkle-30 minkle-31minkle-31 minkle-32minkle-32 minkle-33minkle-33 minkle-34minkle-34 minkle-35minkle-35 minkle-36minkle-36 minkle-37minkle-37 minkle-38minkle-38 minkle-39minkle-39 minkle-40minkle-40 minkle-41minkle-41 minkle-42minkle-42 minkle-45minkle-45 minkle-46minkle-46 minkle-47minkle-47 minkle-48minkle-48 minkle-49minkle-49 minkle-50minkle-50 minkle-51minkle-51 minkle-52minkle-52 minkle-53minkle-53

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Tori's Bridals 2020 for Tori meant graduating, buying a house, moving, planning a wedding, re-planning a wedding, helping family with nursing in-home care and a transition to hospice, and all during the virus. Even for her bridal session we had to re-do our plans on the fly. Driving up toward our back-up bridal location (first had been closed due to co-vid), traffic was at a stand-still and we were not going to have time to get there before we lost too much light. We had to turn around and come up with something quick, which involved a little hiking through the woods, but Tori was up for anything! Her attitude has been amazing, and I'm so proud of the joy she still radiates - as if 2020 had gone perfectly. 

Here are some favorites from her bridal session!

toribridals-1toribridals-1 toribridals-2toribridals-2 toribridals-3toribridals-3 toribridals-6toribridals-6 toribridals-7toribridals-7 toribridals-9toribridals-9 toribridals-10toribridals-10 toribridals-12toribridals-12 toribridals-13toribridals-13 toribridals-14toribridals-14 toribridals-15toribridals-15 toribridals-16toribridals-16 toribridals-17toribridals-17 toribridals-18toribridals-18 toribridals-19toribridals-19 toribridals-20toribridals-20 toribridals-21toribridals-21 toribridals-22toribridals-22 toribridals-23toribridals-23 toribridals-24toribridals-24 toribridals-25toribridals-25 toribridals-26toribridals-26 toribridals-27toribridals-27 toribridals-28toribridals-28 toribridals-29toribridals-29 toribridals-30toribridals-30 toribridals-34toribridals-34 toribridals-35toribridals-35 toribridals-37toribridals-37 toribridals-38toribridals-38 toribridals-39toribridals-39 toribridals-40toribridals-40 toribridals-41toribridals-41

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Clark's Birth Story Taylor had no idea that when she went in for her 37 week checkup that she would be sent straight to the hospital. She had work to do and bags were not yet packed but Clark decided he was ready anyway! She was already dilated to almost 5cm at her appointment and she was admitted at 10:30 that morning right after. Her family all started making their way to the hospital and they passed a few hours excitedly chatting with Logan and Taylor before she was ready to start pushing, which did not take long at all by the way. Clark was born at 4:28pm, weighing 7lbs 3oz (3 weeks early!!) and was 20 inches long. I can only imagine how big he'd have been if he went all the way to his due date (or past it, like many first time babies do!) Taylor said that while she was pregnant Clark had the hiccups all the time - so it's only fitting that he came out having hiccups too!

birthblog-1birthblog-1 birthblog-3birthblog-3 birthblog-4birthblog-4 birthblog-5birthblog-5 birthblog-6birthblog-6 birthblog-7birthblog-7 birthblog-8birthblog-8 birthblog-9birthblog-9 birthblog-10birthblog-10 birthblog-11birthblog-11 birthblog-12birthblog-12 birthblog-13birthblog-13 birthblog-14birthblog-14 birthblog-15birthblog-15 birthblog-16birthblog-16 birthblog-17birthblog-17 birthblog-18birthblog-18 birthblog-19birthblog-19 birthblog-20birthblog-20 birthblog-21birthblog-21 birthblog-22birthblog-22 birthblog-23birthblog-23 birthblog-24birthblog-24 birthblog-25birthblog-25 birthblog-26birthblog-26 birthblog-27birthblog-27 birthblog-28birthblog-28 birthblog-29birthblog-29 birthblog-30birthblog-30 birthblog-31birthblog-31 birthblog-32birthblog-32 birthblog-33birthblog-33 birthblog-34birthblog-34 birthblog-35birthblog-35 birthblog-36birthblog-36 birthblog-37birthblog-37 birthblog-38birthblog-38 birthblog-39birthblog-39 birthblog-40birthblog-40 birthblog-41birthblog-41 birthblog-42birthblog-42 birthblog-43birthblog-43 birthblog-44birthblog-44 birthblog-45birthblog-45 birthblog-46birthblog-46 birthblog-47birthblog-47 birthblog-48birthblog-48 birthblog-49birthblog-49 birthblog-50birthblog-50 birthblog-51birthblog-51 birthblog-52birthblog-52 birthblog-53birthblog-53 birthblog-54birthblog-54 birthblog-55birthblog-55 birthblog-56birthblog-56 birthblog-57birthblog-57 birthblog-58birthblog-58 birthblog-59birthblog-59 birthblog-60birthblog-60 birthblog-61birthblog-61 birthblog-62birthblog-62 birthblog-63birthblog-63 birthblog-64birthblog-64 birthblog-65birthblog-65 birthblog-66birthblog-66 birthblog-67birthblog-67

Since he decided to come out so early, we even had his newborn session done before his due date! Here is a sneak peek at some favorites! birthblog-68birthblog-68 birthblog-69birthblog-69 birthblog-70birthblog-70 birthblog-71birthblog-71 birthblog-72birthblog-72 birthblog-73birthblog-73 birthblog-74birthblog-74 birthblog-75birthblog-75 birthblog-76birthblog-76 birthblog-77birthblog-77

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Mr. and Mrs. Lester Kristina and Alec tied the knot (for the final time!) on June 15th at Big Cedar Lodge. I first met them at their engagement session two years ago, and at the session they told me they'd actually gotten married the night before in an intimate family wedding! So these two awesome people have actually been married for two years, but this summer they had the chance to do the "big" ceremony with family and friends! It was a hot, crazy day but when Alec and Kristina saw each other at their first look you'd never know they've already been married for a while. They were as excited and in love as brand new newlyweds! They said "I do" in a beautiful little white chapel and then danced the night away.

Venue: Big Cedar Lodge
DJ: B Sharp Entertainment
Photography: Tryston Hines Photography
Cake: Michelle Mayer
Dress: Danielle's Bridal
Florals: Artistry in Bloom

THP-117THP-117 THP-109THP-109 THP-1THP-1 THP-5THP-5 THP-14THP-14 THP-120THP-120 THP-128THP-128 THP-30THP-30 THP-35THP-35 THP-23THP-23 THP-43THP-43 THP-47THP-47 THP-54-1THP-54-1 THP-64THP-64 THP-69THP-69 THP-82THP-82 THP-88THP-88 THP-90THP-90 THP-95THP-95 THP-138THP-138 THP-144THP-144 THP-146THP-146 THP-154THP-154 THP-156THP-156 THP-159THP-159 THP-171THP-171 THP-181THP-181 THP-190THP-190 THP-192THP-192 THP-206THP-206 THP-222THP-222 THP-230THP-230 THP-236THP-236 THP-246THP-246 THP-256THP-256 THP-262THP-262 THP-265THP-265 THP-272THP-272 THP-274THP-274 THP-275THP-275 THP-276THP-276 THP-277THP-277 THP-278THP-278 THP-281THP-281 THP-300THP-300 THP-302THP-302 THP-335THP-335 THP-339THP-339 THP-372THP-372 THP-376THP-376 THP-381THP-381 THP-387THP-387 THP-399THP-399 THP-404THP-404 THP-420THP-420 THP-453THP-453 THP-463THP-463 THP-467THP-467 THP-511THP-511 THP-513THP-513 THP-523THP-523 THP-746THP-746 THP-533THP-533 THP-539THP-539 THP-544THP-544 THP-546THP-546 THP-562THP-562 THP-570THP-570 THP-631THP-631 THP-642THP-642 THP-646THP-646 THP-649THP-649 THP-663THP-663 THP-679THP-679 THP-682THP-682 THP-690THP-690 THP-693THP-693 THP-702THP-702 THP-709THP-709 THP-723THP-723 THP-728THP-728 THP-730THP-730 THP-754THP-754 THP-803THP-803 THP-827THP-827 THP-875THP-875 THP-904THP-904 THP-905THP-905


Kristina and Alec, thank you so much for letting me be a part of your special moments for the last two years! I think the world of both of you and can't wait to see what adventures you go on! 

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Mr. and Mrs. Weaver Hannah and Tanner's wedding day was nothing short of magical - Hannah was a stunning bride, the venue was one of the most amazing places I've ever been, the weather was wonderful (although super windy!), and Hannah and Tanner's baby girl is just SO CUTE. It was a struggle to have to work instead of just trying to make her smile all day, and her smile is huge and adorable! Everywhere I turned there was German architecture, vine covered buildings, stunning florals, beautiful velvet furniture, and amazing people. I'm so honored to have been a part their day and to have teamed up with such amazing vendors. 

Venue - The Baumberhof, OKC
Wedding Planner - Embellished Weddings
Videography - Glorious Day Films
Photography - Tryston Hines Photography 
Invitations - Prim Paper Co. 
Cakes - Amy Cakes
Catering - Abbey Rd. Catering, Inc. 
Furniture Rentals - Mood Party Rentals
Hair and Makeup - Lexi Faught Hair & Makeup
Dress - JJ Kelly Bridal Salon
Florals - Poppy Lane Design 
DJ - M&M DJ Company 

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(Tryston Hines Photography) Sat, 29 Jun 2019 21:08:43 GMT
Kristina's Bridals Now that she's officially married (first time in this dress!) I can share some faves from Kristina's Mount Nebo session. Kristina and Alec have actually been married for about two years but yesterday they got to celebrate with their loved ones at Big Cedar Lodge in Missouri and it was gorgeous! I'm super thankful that we got her bridals done right before all the flooding! We had perfect weather and a beautiful, warm sunset. Best of Arkansas!

kristinabridals-1kristinabridals-1 kristinabridals-5kristinabridals-5 kristinabridals-6kristinabridals-6
kristinabridals-8kristinabridals-8 kristinabridals-10kristinabridals-10 kristinabridals-9kristinabridals-9
kristinabridals-11kristinabridals-11 kristinabridals-14kristinabridals-14 kristinabridals-15kristinabridals-15 kristinabridals-17kristinabridals-17 kristinabridals-18kristinabridals-18 kristinabridals-19kristinabridals-19 kristinabridals-20kristinabridals-20 kristinabridals-22kristinabridals-22 kristinabridals-24kristinabridals-24 kristinabridals-25kristinabridals-25 kristinabridals-27kristinabridals-27
kristinabridals-31kristinabridals-31 kristinabridals-32kristinabridals-32


(Tryston Hines Photography) Mon, 17 Jun 2019 02:46:20 GMT
Collin and Sam Looking back on these pictures, what I remember most about this session was Sam's pure joy. (you'll see it in the pictures)

Collin had been planning his proposal for several months and, even though they've been together for years already, she was not expecting to walk around the corner to "check out the view" and see what had been prepared for her. Collin's mom had already been to the cabin that day and worked tirelessly to create a beautiful, intimate setting for her son to propose to his bride, and Collin and I had already met the month before at the venue to discuss lighting, decorations, and a plan for the big day - so when Sam pulled around the corner we were all ready! 

Her hand immediately came up to her face and she cried happy tears all the way down to the dock, she said yes, and then for the next hour went through waves of Joy and amazement and processing that she was engaged! Her reaction was so precious, and I ended up laughing and crying with her for a good part of it. 

Congratulations, Collin and Sam - and thank you so much for letting me be a part of such a beautiful moment!! 

collinandsam-1collinandsam-1 collinandsam-2collinandsam-2 collinandsam-6collinandsam-6 collinandsam-10collinandsam-10 collinandsam-11collinandsam-11 collinandsam-12collinandsam-12 collinandsam-13collinandsam-13 collinandsam-14collinandsam-14 collinandsam-15collinandsam-15 collinandsam-16collinandsam-16 collinandsam-17collinandsam-17 collinandsam-18collinandsam-18 collinandsam-19collinandsam-19 collinandsam-20collinandsam-20 collinandsam-21collinandsam-21 collinandsam-22collinandsam-22 collinandsam-23collinandsam-23 collinandsam-24collinandsam-24 collinandsam-25collinandsam-25 collinandsam-26collinandsam-26 collinandsam-27collinandsam-27 collinandsam-28collinandsam-28 collinandsam-29collinandsam-29 collinandsam-30collinandsam-30 collinandsam-31collinandsam-31 collinandsam-32collinandsam-32 collinandsam-33collinandsam-33 collinandsam-34collinandsam-34 collinandsam-35collinandsam-35 collinandsam-37collinandsam-37 collinandsam-38collinandsam-38 collinandsam-39collinandsam-39 collinandsam-40collinandsam-40 collinandsam-41collinandsam-41 collinandsam-42collinandsam-42 collinandsam-43collinandsam-43 collinandsam-44collinandsam-44 collinandsam-45collinandsam-45 collinandsam-46collinandsam-46 collinandsam-47collinandsam-47 collinandsam-48collinandsam-48 collinandsam-49collinandsam-49 collinandsam-50collinandsam-50 collinandsam-51collinandsam-51 collinandsam-52collinandsam-52 collinandsam-53collinandsam-53 collinandsam-54collinandsam-54 collinandsam-55collinandsam-55 collinandsam-56collinandsam-56 collinandsam-57collinandsam-57

(Tryston Hines Photography) Mon, 10 Jun 2019 00:08:42 GMT
Aruba bridal session I'm not saying you HAVE to take a photographer with you to exotic locations, but if you want to I volunteer as tribute. Bree and Grant wanted to get back into their wedding formal wear in their favorite place, Aruba! We had so much fun exploring the island and capturing their love for each other, which is still going strong after 6 years and a child! Thank you for the adventure, Bree and Grant! 

aruba-1aruba-1 aruba-2aruba-2 aruba-5aruba-5 aruba-7aruba-7 aruba-8aruba-8 aruba-11aruba-11 aruba-13aruba-13 aruba-14aruba-14 aruba-15aruba-15 aruba-17aruba-17 aruba-18aruba-18 aruba-19aruba-19 aruba-20aruba-20 aruba-22aruba-22 aruba-23aruba-23 aruba-24aruba-24

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aruba-44aruba-44 aruba-45aruba-45 aruba-46aruba-46 aruba-47aruba-47 aruba-49aruba-49 aruba-50aruba-50 aruba-51aruba-51 aruba-53aruba-53 aruba-54aruba-54 aruba-55aruba-55 aruba-56aruba-56 aruba-57aruba-57 aruba-58aruba-58 aruba-60aruba-60 aruba-62aruba-62 aruba-63aruba-63 aruba-64aruba-64 aruba-65aruba-65 aruba-66aruba-66 aruba-69aruba-69 aruba-70aruba-70 aruba-74aruba-74 aruba-75aruba-75 aruba-76aruba-76 aruba-77aruba-77 aruba-78aruba-78 aruba-79aruba-79 aruba-80aruba-80 aruba-81aruba-81 aruba-82aruba-82 aruba-83aruba-83 aruba-84aruba-84 aruba-85aruba-85 aruba-86aruba-86 aruba-87aruba-87 aruba-88aruba-88 aruba-90aruba-90 aruba-91aruba-91 aruba-92aruba-92 aruba-93aruba-93 aruba-94aruba-94 aruba-95aruba-95 aruba-96aruba-96 aruba-97aruba-97 aruba-98aruba-98 aruba-99aruba-99 aruba-100aruba-100 aruba-101aruba-101 aruba-102aruba-102 aruba-103aruba-103 aruba-104aruba-104 aruba-105aruba-105

(Tryston Hines Photography) Mon, 17 Dec 2018 23:20:18 GMT
Mr. and Mrs. Penfield Rebekah and Levi decided to help each other get ready in their home and then meet each other back at an enormous tree where they said their vows in front of close friends and family. The day was intimate and beautiful! Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Penfield!

penfieldwed-1penfieldwed-1 penfieldwed-3penfieldwed-3 penfieldwed-5penfieldwed-5 penfieldwed-6penfieldwed-6 penfieldwed-7penfieldwed-7 penfieldwed-8penfieldwed-8 penfieldwed-9penfieldwed-9 penfieldwed-10penfieldwed-10 penfieldwed-11penfieldwed-11 penfieldwed-12penfieldwed-12 penfieldwed-13penfieldwed-13 penfieldwed-14penfieldwed-14 penfieldwed-15penfieldwed-15 penfieldwed-16penfieldwed-16 penfieldwed-17penfieldwed-17 penfieldwed-18penfieldwed-18 penfieldwed-19penfieldwed-19 penfieldwed-21penfieldwed-21 penfieldwed-22penfieldwed-22 penfieldwed-23penfieldwed-23 penfieldwed-24penfieldwed-24 penfieldwed-25penfieldwed-25 penfieldwed-26penfieldwed-26 penfieldwed-27penfieldwed-27 penfieldwed-32penfieldwed-32 penfieldwed-29penfieldwed-29 penfieldwed-31penfieldwed-31 penfieldwed-28penfieldwed-28 penfieldwed-38penfieldwed-38 penfieldwed-33penfieldwed-33 penfieldwed-34penfieldwed-34 penfieldwed-35penfieldwed-35 penfieldwed-36penfieldwed-36 penfieldwed-39penfieldwed-39 penfieldwed-41penfieldwed-41 penfieldwed-42penfieldwed-42 penfieldwed-43penfieldwed-43 penfieldwed-40penfieldwed-40 penfieldwed-44penfieldwed-44

(Tryston Hines Photography) Mon, 17 Dec 2018 22:48:14 GMT
Mr. and Mrs. Dwyer I'm finally getting caught up on blogging and am excited to share the Amber and Hayden's wedding using my favorite mages from the day! Mr. and Mrs. Dwyer got married June 30th at Cabin Creek Lookout. There were clear blue skies, a killer view, tons of friends and family, and two amazing people who decided to spend the rest of their lives together as husband and wife. They braved the heat and the sun and danced the night away! 

Venue - Cabin Creek Lookout, Lamar AR
Catering - Cabin Creek Lookout
Cakes- Michelle Mayer
Florals and Decor - Love's Flower Shop, Dardanelle
DJ - Alpha 1 Entertainment
Wedding Dress - Danielle's Bridal, Clarksville
Jewelry - Kendra Scott
Bridesmaids Dresses - Azazie 
Suits - Jos A. Banks
Invitations - Minted
Photography - Tryston Hines Photography

dwyerwed-2dwyerwed-2 dwyerwed-4dwyerwed-4 dwyerwed-7dwyerwed-7 dwyerwed-11dwyerwed-11 dwyerwed-12dwyerwed-12 dwyerwed-13dwyerwed-13 dwyerwed-14dwyerwed-14 dwyerwed-15dwyerwed-15 dwyerwed-19dwyerwed-19 dwyerwed-20dwyerwed-20 dwyerwed-21dwyerwed-21 dwyerwed-22dwyerwed-22 dwyerwed-23dwyerwed-23 dwyerwed-24dwyerwed-24 dwyerwed-25dwyerwed-25 dwyerwed-26dwyerwed-26 dwyerwed-27dwyerwed-27 dwyerwed-28dwyerwed-28 dwyerwed-30dwyerwed-30 dwyerwed-31dwyerwed-31 dwyerwed-34dwyerwed-34 dwyerwed-35dwyerwed-35 dwyerwed-37dwyerwed-37 dwyerwed-38dwyerwed-38 dwyerwed-39dwyerwed-39 dwyerwed-40dwyerwed-40 dwyerwed-41dwyerwed-41 dwyerwed-42dwyerwed-42 dwyerwed-43dwyerwed-43 dwyerwed-44dwyerwed-44 dwyerwed-45dwyerwed-45 dwyerwed-47dwyerwed-47 dwyerwed-48dwyerwed-48 dwyerwed-49dwyerwed-49 dwyerwed-53dwyerwed-53 dwyerwed-54dwyerwed-54 dwyerwed-55dwyerwed-55 dwyerwed-56dwyerwed-56 dwyerwed-57dwyerwed-57 dwyerwed-58dwyerwed-58 dwyerwed-59dwyerwed-59 dwyerwed-60dwyerwed-60 dwyerwed-61dwyerwed-61 dwyerwed-62dwyerwed-62 dwyerwed-64dwyerwed-64 dwyerwed-65dwyerwed-65 dwyerwed-66dwyerwed-66 dwyerwed-68dwyerwed-68 dwyerwed-71dwyerwed-71 dwyerwed-72dwyerwed-72 dwyerwed-73dwyerwed-73 dwyerwed-74dwyerwed-74 dwyerwed-75dwyerwed-75 dwyerwed-76dwyerwed-76 dwyerwed-77dwyerwed-77 dwyerwed-78dwyerwed-78 dwyerwed-79dwyerwed-79 dwyerwed-80dwyerwed-80 dwyerwed-81dwyerwed-81 dwyerwed-82dwyerwed-82 dwyerwed-83dwyerwed-83 dwyerwed-84dwyerwed-84 dwyerwed-86dwyerwed-86 dwyerwed-92dwyerwed-92 dwyerwed-93dwyerwed-93 dwyerwed-94dwyerwed-94 dwyerwed-95dwyerwed-95 dwyerwed-96dwyerwed-96 dwyerwed-97dwyerwed-97 dwyerwed-98dwyerwed-98 dwyerwed-99dwyerwed-99 dwyerwed-100dwyerwed-100 dwyerwed-102dwyerwed-102 dwyerwed-103dwyerwed-103 dwyerwed-104dwyerwed-104 dwyerwed-105dwyerwed-105 dwyerwed-106dwyerwed-106 dwyerwed-107dwyerwed-107 dwyerwed-108dwyerwed-108 dwyerwed-109dwyerwed-109 dwyerwed-113dwyerwed-113 dwyerwed-117dwyerwed-117 dwyerwed-118dwyerwed-118 dwyerwed-119dwyerwed-119 dwyerwed-120dwyerwed-120 dwyerwed-121dwyerwed-121

Amber and Hayden, thank you so much for letting me document this special day! Hayden, thanks for not firing me for wearing a Cubs shirt to your engagement session. You guys are amazing and I can't wait to what the future holds for you! 


(Tryston Hines Photography) Thu, 06 Sep 2018 02:34:27 GMT
Beau Cari and Jeremy wanted to wait until their baby was born to find out the gender. I love this idea and it makes it so exciting for birth images! I had the honor of finding out months before the birth so I could purchase the correct door hanger and going-home outfit and try my best not to accidentally let it slip to anyone! I could not wait to meet little Beau Graham. Cari was induced August 6th, and if you know anything about Cari's first delivery you know that when she's ready it's a super fast process. She labored through the morning and then flew from a 6-10 at the end and pushed.... maybe 2 times? Here are some of my favorite images from Beau's birthday!! 

beaubirth-1-1beaubirth-1-1 beaubirth-2beaubirth-2 beaubirth-3beaubirth-3 beaubirth-4beaubirth-4 beaubirth-5beaubirth-5 beaubirth-6beaubirth-6 beaubirth-7beaubirth-7 beaubirth-9beaubirth-9 THP-46THP-46 beaubirth-14beaubirth-14

IT'S A BOY!!!!
beaubirth-12beaubirth-12 THP-69THP-69 beaubirth-15beaubirth-15 beaubirth-16beaubirth-16 beaubirth-17beaubirth-17 beaubirth-18beaubirth-18 beaubirth-19beaubirth-19 beaubirth-20beaubirth-20 beaubirth-21beaubirth-21 beaubirth-22beaubirth-22 beaubirth-23beaubirth-23 doc-1doc-1 beaubirth-24beaubirth-24 beaubirth-25beaubirth-25 beaubirth-26beaubirth-26 beaubirth-27beaubirth-27 beaubirth-28beaubirth-28 beaubirth-29beaubirth-29 beaubirth-30beaubirth-30 beaubirth-31beaubirth-31 beaubirth-32beaubirth-32 beaubirth-33beaubirth-33 beaubirth-34beaubirth-34 beaubirth-35beaubirth-35 beaubirth-36beaubirth-36 beaubirth-37beaubirth-37 beaubirth-38beaubirth-38 beaubirth-39beaubirth-39 beaubirth-40beaubirth-40 beaubirth-41beaubirth-41 beaubirth-42beaubirth-42 beaubirth-43beaubirth-43 beaubirth-44beaubirth-44 beaubirth-45beaubirth-45 beaubirth-46beaubirth-46 beaubirth-47beaubirth-47 beaubirth-48beaubirth-48 beaubirth-50beaubirth-50 beaubirth-51beaubirth-51 beaubirth-49beaubirth-49
beaubirth-53beaubirth-53 beaubirth-54beaubirth-54 beaubirth-55beaubirth-55 beaubirth-59beaubirth-59 beaubirth-60beaubirth-60 beaubirth-61beaubirth-61 beaubirth-62beaubirth-62 beaubirth-63beaubirth-63 beaubirth-64beaubirth-64 beaubirth-65beaubirth-65 beaubirth-66beaubirth-66 beaubirth-67beaubirth-67 beaubirth-68beaubirth-68 beaubirth-69beaubirth-69 beaubirth-70beaubirth-70 beaubirth-71beaubirth-71 beaubirth-72beaubirth-72 beaubirth-73beaubirth-73 beaubirth-74beaubirth-74 beaubirth-75beaubirth-75 beaubirth-76beaubirth-76 beaubirth-77beaubirth-77 beaubirth-78beaubirth-78 beaubirth-79beaubirth-79 beaubirth-80beaubirth-80 beaubirth-81beaubirth-81 beaubirth-82beaubirth-82 beaubirth-83beaubirth-83

Curtis family, thank you again for letting me be a part of such a special day!! I love you guys and can't wait to watch both kiddos be raised by such amazing parents!



(Tryston Hines Photography) Fri, 31 Aug 2018 15:17:36 GMT
Mr. and Mrs. Underhill "I saw her across the field and mentioned how I'd like to marry a woman like that. I didn't see her for a year. Then my sister met a girl through a campus ministry and told me she'd be perfect for me. I was skeptical but quickly remembered who she was. I asked her on a date (or maybe she brought it about) and told her I would pick her up for breakfast at 7:03 and the rest is history. We got engaged about a year later and could not have been more blessed with the path the Lord has laid out for us!" - Cody

When my own daughter gets married I hope it's to someone who looks at her the way Cody looks at Rashelle. When he turned around to see her and his jaw dropped and tears came, he said "are you really marrying ME?" He just stared at her in disbelief that someone could be so beautiful, inside and out. 
When my son gets married I hope it's to someone who looks at him like he's her sun, her moon, and all the stars the way Rashelle looks at Cody. Joy just radiates off of her, especially when she's looking at Cody and wrapped in his arms. 
Both of them understand loss, hope, love, and how to be unashamedly goofy ;) I adored every bit of this wedding (except maybe the blistering heat, but you can't tell from the pictures!) and I'm so happy that my cousin has found his happily ever after with someone so amazing! Thank you both for trusting me with documenting your special day <3

Here are some of my favorite moments!

Venue - Heritage Acres in Clarksville, AR
Florals - Vase and Vine
Catering - Susan Moorehouse
Cake - Marnay Shepherd
All dresses and suits - Danielle's Bridal 
Rings - Sissy's Log Cabin
Ceremony Musicians - Braden Page and Sam Snodgrass
Hair - Savannah Underhill
Makeup - Hannah Ricketts
Invitations - Posey Printing
Photography - Tryston Hines Photography

underhillwedding-1underhillwedding-1 underhillwedding-27underhillwedding-27 underhillwedding-10underhillwedding-10 underhillwedding-8underhillwedding-8 underhillwedding-2underhillwedding-2 underhillwedding-3underhillwedding-3 underhillwedding-4underhillwedding-4 underhillwedding-6underhillwedding-6 underhillwedding-7underhillwedding-7 underhillwedding-11underhillwedding-11 underhillwedding-12underhillwedding-12 underhillwedding-9underhillwedding-9 underhillwedding-13underhillwedding-13 underhillwedding-14underhillwedding-14 underhillwedding-15underhillwedding-15 underhillwedding-16underhillwedding-16 underhillwedding-17underhillwedding-17 underhillwedding-18underhillwedding-18 underhillwedding-19underhillwedding-19 underhillwedding-20underhillwedding-20 underhillwedding-21underhillwedding-21 underhillwedding-22underhillwedding-22 underhillwedding-23underhillwedding-23 underhillwedding-24underhillwedding-24 underhillwedding-25underhillwedding-25 underhillwedding-26underhillwedding-26 underhillwedding-29underhillwedding-29 underhillwedding-31underhillwedding-31 underhillwedding-30underhillwedding-30 underhillwedding-32underhillwedding-32 underhillwedding-33underhillwedding-33 underhillwedding-38underhillwedding-38 underhillwedding-39underhillwedding-39 underhillwedding-42underhillwedding-42 underhillwedding-44underhillwedding-44 underhillwedding-46underhillwedding-46 underhillwedding-48underhillwedding-48 underhillwedding-49underhillwedding-49 underhillwedding-50underhillwedding-50 underhillwedding-51underhillwedding-51 underhillwedding-52underhillwedding-52 underhillwedding-53underhillwedding-53 underhillwedding-54underhillwedding-54 underhillwedding-55underhillwedding-55 underhillwedding-58underhillwedding-58 underhillwedding-61underhillwedding-61 underhillwedding-62underhillwedding-62 underhillwedding-63underhillwedding-63 underhillwedding-66underhillwedding-66 underhillwedding-67underhillwedding-67 underhillwedding-69underhillwedding-69 underhillwedding-65underhillwedding-65 underhillwedding-70underhillwedding-70 underhillwedding-71underhillwedding-71 underhillwedding-72underhillwedding-72 underhillwedding-73underhillwedding-73 underhillwedding-74underhillwedding-74 underhillwedding-75underhillwedding-75 underhillwedding-76underhillwedding-76 underhillwedding-77underhillwedding-77 underhillwedding-78underhillwedding-78 underhillwedding-79underhillwedding-79 underhillwedding-80underhillwedding-80 underhillwedding-81underhillwedding-81 underhillwedding-82underhillwedding-82 underhillwedding-86underhillwedding-86 underhillwedding-87underhillwedding-87 underhillwedding-83underhillwedding-83 underhillwedding-88underhillwedding-88 underhillwedding-89underhillwedding-89 underhillwedding-90underhillwedding-90 underhillwedding-91underhillwedding-91 underhillwedding-92underhillwedding-92 underhillwedding-95underhillwedding-95 underhillwedding-96underhillwedding-96 underhillwedding-97underhillwedding-97 underhillwedding-98underhillwedding-98 underhillwedding-99underhillwedding-99 underhillwedding-100underhillwedding-100 underhillwedding-101underhillwedding-101 underhillwedding-102underhillwedding-102 underhillwedding-103underhillwedding-103 underhillwedding-104underhillwedding-104 underhillwedding-105underhillwedding-105 underhillwedding-106underhillwedding-106 underhillwedding-107underhillwedding-107 underhillwedding-110underhillwedding-110 underhillwedding-111underhillwedding-111 underhillwedding-113underhillwedding-113 underhillwedding-116underhillwedding-116 underhillwedding-118underhillwedding-118 underhillwedding-122underhillwedding-122 underhillwedding-126underhillwedding-126 underhillwedding-127underhillwedding-127 underhillwedding-128underhillwedding-128 underhillwedding-129underhillwedding-129 underhillwedding-130underhillwedding-130 underhillwedding-131underhillwedding-131 underhillwedding-132underhillwedding-132 underhillwedding-133underhillwedding-133 underhillwedding-134underhillwedding-134 underhillwedding-135underhillwedding-135 underhillwedding-136underhillwedding-136 underhillwedding-137underhillwedding-137 underhillwedding-138underhillwedding-138 underhillwedding-143underhillwedding-143 underhillwedding-148underhillwedding-148 underhillwedding-149underhillwedding-149 underhillwedding-150underhillwedding-150 underhillwedding-155underhillwedding-155 underhillwedding-159underhillwedding-159 underhillwedding-152underhillwedding-152

(Tryston Hines Photography) Tue, 10 Jul 2018 20:20:52 GMT
Mr. and Mrs. Walker Eight years ago Grace said to me "someday I'm going to have you do my wedding pictures", we gushed about it for a bit and then we watched Breakfast at Tiffany's and talked about life. I bumped into the two of them a while back at church and she pulled me aside and said "He's the one. I know it with all my heart." When Jason proposed, Grace sent me a pic of the ring and said "IT'S GO TIME!!!!" and I literally jumped up and squealed. I've gotten to know Grace and her family over the years and couldn't have been more excited for her to find her happily ever after.  Grace and Jason love deeply, laugh loudly and dance in the kitchen (I have pictures), and they were surrounded by a ton of family and friends that cheered them on and showered them with love and joy on their wedding day. Some people just come for the cake - these people came to celebrate! 
I bawled my eyes out several times that day. 
When she and her mother looked at each other when the dress was on and just let it sink in that this was the day - this was the happiest day of her life
When Jason turned to see his gorgeous bride and was SO excited to see her and start their life together
When Kristy proudly walked her daughter down the aisle
When they were pronounced husband and wife and it was pure joy all over their faces as if they had waited a thousand years for each other
When Grace danced with her husband for the first time and she melted into his arms
When Brad held her hand for the Father-Daughter dance
When she lost it when her grandpa got up to hug her and she held on so tightly
I have also never laughed so hard at a wedding - or while editing. Literal streams of tears during the wedding and for hours while I was working on the gallery. There would be 10 gorgeous images and then one completely random, hilarious one. The random goofy faces, the wedding party just letting loose all day, the awkward moment when 4 other brides walked in to the same park when we were doing portraits, La Marcha, Grace's grandpa convincing the DJ he's a mob boss, the dance battles, Jason looking like his life had been changed because of the cake, and so much more. The Walker, Berdin, Allen crew are some of the most fun people to be around (and amazing dancers) and I about died when the platter of McDonalds burgers were brought out. To see the full gallery or to purchase any prints you can click here:
Here of some of my favorite moments from the day! 

Venue: The Marriott in Little Rock
Florals: Cathy's Flowers in Russellville
Catering: Marriott in-house catering
Cakes: Mickey's cakes and sweets
Bride's Dress: Low's 
Bridesmaid dresses: Lulu's 
Suits: Rendezvous
Rings: Sissy's Log Cabin
Hair and Makeup: Face Your Day Salon
DJ: Mario from Center AR Entertainment 
Videography: Sunflower Films
Photography: Tryston Hines Photography

walkerwedding-1-1walkerwedding-1-1 walkerwedding-2-1walkerwedding-2-1 walkerwedding-3-1walkerwedding-3-1 walkerwedding-4-1walkerwedding-4-1 walkerwedding-5-1walkerwedding-5-1 walkerwedding-6-1walkerwedding-6-1 walkerwedding-7-1walkerwedding-7-1 walkerwedding-8-1walkerwedding-8-1 walkerwedding-9-1walkerwedding-9-1 walkerwedding-10walkerwedding-10 walkerwedding-11walkerwedding-11 walkerwedding-12walkerwedding-12 walkerwedding-13walkerwedding-13 walkerwedding-14walkerwedding-14 walkerwedding-15walkerwedding-15 walkerwedding-17walkerwedding-17 walkerwedding-18walkerwedding-18 walkerwedding-19walkerwedding-19 walkerwedding-20walkerwedding-20 walkerwedding-21walkerwedding-21 walkerwedding-22walkerwedding-22 walkerwedding-24walkerwedding-24 walkerwedding-27walkerwedding-27 walkerwedding-28walkerwedding-28 walkerwedding-29walkerwedding-29 walkerwedding-30walkerwedding-30 walkerwedding-31walkerwedding-31 walkerwedding-34walkerwedding-34 walkerwedding-35walkerwedding-35 walkerwedding-36walkerwedding-36 walkerwedding-37walkerwedding-37 walkerwedding-38walkerwedding-38 walkerwedding-39walkerwedding-39 walkerwedding-40walkerwedding-40 walkerwedding-41walkerwedding-41 walkerwedding-42walkerwedding-42 walkerwedding-43walkerwedding-43 walkerwedding-44walkerwedding-44 walkerwedding-45walkerwedding-45


walkerwedding-46walkerwedding-46 walkerwedding-47walkerwedding-47 walkerwedding-48walkerwedding-48 walkerwedding-49walkerwedding-49 walkerwedding-50walkerwedding-50 walkerwedding-51walkerwedding-51 walkerwedding-52walkerwedding-52 walkerwedding-53walkerwedding-53 walkerwedding-54walkerwedding-54 walkerwedding-55walkerwedding-55 walkerwedding-56walkerwedding-56 walkerwedding-57walkerwedding-57 walkerwedding-58walkerwedding-58 walkerwedding-59walkerwedding-59 walkerwedding-60walkerwedding-60 walkerwedding-62walkerwedding-62 walkerwedding-63walkerwedding-63 walkerwedding-64walkerwedding-64 walkerwedding-65walkerwedding-65 walkerwedding-66walkerwedding-66 walkerwedding-67walkerwedding-67 walkerwedding-68walkerwedding-68 walkerwedding-69walkerwedding-69 walkerwedding-70walkerwedding-70 walkerwedding-71walkerwedding-71 walkerwedding-72walkerwedding-72 walkerwedding-73walkerwedding-73 walkerwedding-74walkerwedding-74 walkerwedding-75walkerwedding-75 walkerwedding-76walkerwedding-76 walkerwedding-77walkerwedding-77 walkerwedding-78walkerwedding-78 walkerwedding-79walkerwedding-79 walkerwedding-83walkerwedding-83 walkerwedding-87walkerwedding-87 walkerwedding-88walkerwedding-88 walkerwedding-89walkerwedding-89 walkerwedding-90walkerwedding-90 walkerwedding-91walkerwedding-91 walkerwedding-92walkerwedding-92 walkerwedding-93walkerwedding-93 walkerwedding-94walkerwedding-94 walkerwedding-95walkerwedding-95 walkerwedding-96walkerwedding-96 walkerwedding-98walkerwedding-98 walkerwedding-101walkerwedding-101 walkerwedding-105walkerwedding-105 walkerwedding-109walkerwedding-109 walkerwedding-113walkerwedding-113 walkerwedding-114walkerwedding-114 walkerwedding-115walkerwedding-115 walkerwedding-116walkerwedding-116

(Tryston Hines Photography) little rock marriott russellville tryston hines photography weddings Sat, 07 Jul 2018 19:35:50 GMT
Rashelle's Bridals This Sunday my cousin Cody married the love of his life, Rashelle! I'm so happy to have been a part of their special day and that I can now share some of my favorites from her bridal session at Subiaco Abbey. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Underhill! 

Florals: Vase and Vine
Dress: Danielle's Bridal
Hair: Savannah Underhill
Makeup: Hannah Ricketts

rashellebridals-1rashellebridals-1 rashellebridals-2rashellebridals-2 rashellebridals-4rashellebridals-4 rashellebridals-6rashellebridals-6 rashellebridals-9rashellebridals-9 rashellebridals-10rashellebridals-10 rashellebridals-12rashellebridals-12 rashellebridals-14rashellebridals-14 rashellebridals-16rashellebridals-16 rashellebridals-17rashellebridals-17 rashellebridals-18rashellebridals-18 rashellebridals-20rashellebridals-20 rashellebridals-22rashellebridals-22 rashellebridals-23rashellebridals-23 rashellebridals-25rashellebridals-25 rashellebridals-27rashellebridals-27 rashellebridals-29rashellebridals-29 rashellebridals-30rashellebridals-30 rashellebridals-33rashellebridals-33 rashellebridals-36rashellebridals-36 rashellebridals-38rashellebridals-38 rashellebridals-40rashellebridals-40 rashellebridals-42rashellebridals-42 rashellebridals-43rashellebridals-43 rashellebridals-45rashellebridals-45 rashellebridals-46rashellebridals-46 rashellebridals-47rashellebridals-47 rashellebridals-48rashellebridals-48 rashellebridals-49rashellebridals-49 rashellebridals-51rashellebridals-51 rashellebridals-52rashellebridals-52 rashellebridals-53rashellebridals-53 rashellebridals-54rashellebridals-54 rashellebridals-55rashellebridals-55 rashellebridals-56rashellebridals-56 rashellebridals-58rashellebridals-58 rashellebridals-59rashellebridals-59 rashellebridals-60rashellebridals-60

(Tryston Hines Photography) Tue, 29 May 2018 14:09:02 GMT
McKinley's birth I have had the honor of photographing the Baer Family 15 times at this point. 15. We've had a wedding package, a full baby milestone plan, family sessions, and now another baby's pregnancy announcement, birth and newborn session! I don't officially photograph births anymore, but I love being there for clients that I've done past births for and it definitely makes it much easier when it's a scheduled induction! Erin went in around midnight on May 3rd to start her induction process and they broke her water around 9:30ish that morning. The dilation was slow, and then all of a sudden Erin flew from like a 3 to a 10 within the last hour (which was how it went with Cooper too!). The nurse came in and said she was at 8 1/2 and about a minute after she left Erin said you need to get her back in here! Sure enough, she was crowning. Erin's doctor made it just in time (after the nurses encouraged Erin to NOT push) to put gloves on and Erin pushed through 3 contractions and her sweet baby girl came out to meet her parents. McKinley Jo was born at 1:32pm weighing 6 lbs 15oz and measuring 20.5 inches long. She was greeted first by her parents, later by her big brother, and then grandparents and aunts! 
Erin and Anthony, thank you again for letting me document another amazing moment in your lives. I'm so glad I've gotten to watch your family grow!

mckinleybirth-1mckinleybirth-1 mckinleybirth-2mckinleybirth-2 mckinleybirth-3mckinleybirth-3 mckinleybirth-4mckinleybirth-4 mckinleybirth-5mckinleybirth-5 mckinleybirth-6mckinleybirth-6 mckinleybirth-7mckinleybirth-7 mckinleybirth-8mckinleybirth-8 mckinleybirth-9mckinleybirth-9 mckinleybirth-10mckinleybirth-10 mckinleybirth-11mckinleybirth-11 mckinleybirth-12mckinleybirth-12 mckinleybirth-13mckinleybirth-13 mckinleybirth-14mckinleybirth-14 mckinleybirth-15mckinleybirth-15 mckinleybirth-16mckinleybirth-16 mckinleybirth-17mckinleybirth-17 mckinleybirth-18mckinleybirth-18 mckinleybirth-19mckinleybirth-19 mckinleybirth-20mckinleybirth-20 mckinleybirth-21mckinleybirth-21 mckinleybirth-22mckinleybirth-22 mckinleybirth-23mckinleybirth-23 mckinleybirth-24mckinleybirth-24 mckinleybirth-25mckinleybirth-25 mckinleybirth-26mckinleybirth-26 mckinleybirth-27mckinleybirth-27 mckinleybirth-28mckinleybirth-28 mckinleybirth-29mckinleybirth-29 mckinleybirth-30mckinleybirth-30 mckinleybirth-31mckinleybirth-31 mckinleybirth-32mckinleybirth-32 mckinleybirth-33mckinleybirth-33 mckinleybirth-34mckinleybirth-34 mckinleybirth-35mckinleybirth-35 mckinleybirth-36mckinleybirth-36 mckinleybirth-37mckinleybirth-37 mckinleybirth-38mckinleybirth-38 mckinleybirth-39mckinleybirth-39 mckinleybirth-40mckinleybirth-40 mckinleybirth-41mckinleybirth-41 mckinleybirth-42mckinleybirth-42 mckinleybirth-43mckinleybirth-43 mckinleybirth-44mckinleybirth-44 mckinleybirth-45mckinleybirth-45 mckinleybirth-46mckinleybirth-46 mckinleybirth-47mckinleybirth-47 mckinleybirth-48mckinleybirth-48 mckinleybirth-49mckinleybirth-49 mckinleybirth-50mckinleybirth-50 mckinleybirth-51mckinleybirth-51 mckinleybirth-52mckinleybirth-52 mckinleybirth-53mckinleybirth-53 mckinleybirth-54mckinleybirth-54 mckinleybirth-55mckinleybirth-55 mckinleybirth-56mckinleybirth-56 mckinleybirth-57mckinleybirth-57 mckinleybirth-58mckinleybirth-58 mckinleybirth-60mckinleybirth-60 mckinleybirth-62mckinleybirth-62 mckinleybirth-63mckinleybirth-63 mckinleybirth-64mckinleybirth-64 mckinleybirth-65mckinleybirth-65 mckinleybirth-66mckinleybirth-66 mckinleybirth-67mckinleybirth-67 mckinleybirth-69mckinleybirth-69 mckinleybirth-71mckinleybirth-71 mckinleybirth-70mckinleybirth-70 mckinleybirth-68mckinleybirth-68

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Grace's Bridals Yesterday Grace became Mrs. Walker! I'm so excited for the two of them and also happy that I can now share some favorites from her bridal session at St. Catherine's at Bell Gable in Fayettville. Enjoy these while I get started on organizing a couple thousand wedding images, haha! 

Hair- Raven from Face Your Day Salon
makeup- Emily from Face Your Day Salon
dress- Low's Bridal Shoppe
Florals - Cathy's Flowers

gracebridals-1gracebridals-1 gracebridals-3gracebridals-3 gracebridals-4gracebridals-4 gracebridals-5gracebridals-5 gracebridals-6gracebridals-6 gracebridals-7gracebridals-7 gracebridals-8gracebridals-8 gracebridals-10gracebridals-10 gracebridals-11gracebridals-11 gracebridals-12gracebridals-12 gracebridals-14gracebridals-14 gracebridals-16gracebridals-16 gracebridals-17gracebridals-17 gracebridals-19gracebridals-19 gracebridals-20gracebridals-20 gracebridals-21gracebridals-21 gracebridals-23gracebridals-23 gracebridals-24gracebridals-24 gracebridals-26gracebridals-26 gracebridals-27gracebridals-27 gracebridals-28gracebridals-28 gracebridals-29gracebridals-29 gracebridals-30gracebridals-30 gracebridals-31gracebridals-31 gracebridals-33gracebridals-33 gracebridals-36gracebridals-36 gracebridals-37gracebridals-37 gracebridals-38gracebridals-38 gracebridals-39gracebridals-39 gracebridals-40gracebridals-40 gracebridals-41gracebridals-41 gracebridals-42gracebridals-42 gracebridals-43gracebridals-43 gracebridals-46gracebridals-46 gracebridals-47gracebridals-47 gracebridals-48gracebridals-48 gracebridals-50gracebridals-50 gracebridals-52gracebridals-52 gracebridals-55gracebridals-55


(Tryston Hines Photography) Sun, 20 May 2018 16:39:21 GMT
Amber and Hayden - Engagement Amber and Hayden might be two of the most awesome people I've met! They were up for meeting at Long Pool and then backtracking all the way to Russellville for some downtown pictures. They didn't ask questions when I wanted to stop somewhere pretty sketchy looking because I was obsessed with a tree, and I'm so glad because those are some of my favorite images! We laughed the whole time (I saved a good chunk of bloopers in their gallery) and really got to know each other. I'm so excited for their Cabin Creek Lookout wedding this summer! I just know that Amber is going to be STUNNING and that the whole day will be a blast! Thanks for spending the afternoon with me, guys!
Here are a few of my faves:

dwyeresess-1dwyeresess-1 dwyeresess-2dwyeresess-2 dwyeresess-3dwyeresess-3 dwyeresess-4dwyeresess-4 dwyeresess-5dwyeresess-5 dwyeresess-6dwyeresess-6 dwyeresess-7dwyeresess-7 dwyeresess-8dwyeresess-8 dwyeresess-9dwyeresess-9 dwyeresess-10dwyeresess-10 dwyeresess-11dwyeresess-11 dwyeresess-12dwyeresess-12 dwyeresess-13dwyeresess-13 dwyeresess-14dwyeresess-14 dwyeresess-15dwyeresess-15 dwyeresess-16dwyeresess-16 dwyeresess-17dwyeresess-17 dwyeresess-18dwyeresess-18 dwyeresess-19dwyeresess-19 dwyeresess-20dwyeresess-20 dwyeresess-22dwyeresess-22 dwyeresess-24dwyeresess-24 dwyeresess-25dwyeresess-25 dwyeresess-26dwyeresess-26 dwyeresess-27dwyeresess-27 dwyeresess-28dwyeresess-28 dwyeresess-29dwyeresess-29 dwyeresess-30dwyeresess-30 dwyeresess-32dwyeresess-32 dwyeresess-35dwyeresess-35 dwyeresess-36dwyeresess-36 dwyeresess-37dwyeresess-37

(Tryston Hines Photography) Mon, 16 Apr 2018 21:05:47 GMT
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Stephanie and Tim are two beautiful souls who decided to elope on a mountain in the middle of January in the freezing cold! We got to spend a couple hours driving around to different spots around Petit Jean just capturing their love and not worrying about rushing to cut cake, get back to guests, timelines, vendors, etc. Elopements are really an amazing way to celebrate in a much more relaxed environment. We still did detail shots, getting ready images, and a first look! We spent the afternoon taking portraits and talking about our favorite movies and the next day they exchanged vows. The water was covered in ice and the wind blew their hair around in crazy ways but the two of them just looked at each other with so much warmth and adoration that it really didn't matter what the weather was doing. 

Thank you both for being so adventurous and for letting me document this magical time in your lives <3

Location - Petit Jean Mountain
Tim's suit- JcPenny
Rings- Tara & Co. Diamonds
Bouquet- Artistic Florist
Dress- Lulus
Hair- Carlie Lay at Symmetrix Salon

elope-1elope-1 elope-2elope-2 elope-3elope-3 elope-4elope-4 elope-5elope-5 elope-6elope-6 elope-7elope-7 elope-11elope-11 elope-13elope-13 elope-17elope-17 elope-18elope-18 elope-19elope-19 elope-20elope-20 elope-22elope-22 elope-23elope-23 elope-24elope-24 elope-25elope-25 elope-26elope-26 elope-27elope-27 elope-28elope-28 elope-29elope-29 elope-30elope-30 elope-31elope-31 elope-32elope-32 elope-33elope-33 elope-34elope-34 elope-35elope-35 elope-36elope-36 elope-37elope-37 elope-38elope-38 elope-39elope-39 elope-40elope-40 elope-41elope-41 elope-43elope-43 elope-44elope-44 elope-45elope-45 elope-46elope-46 elope-47elope-47 elope-49elope-49 elope-50elope-50 elope-51elope-51 elope-52elope-52 elope-56elope-56 elope-57elope-57 elope-58elope-58 elope-59elope-59 elope-60elope-60 elope-61elope-61 elope-62elope-62 elope-63elope-63 elope-64elope-64 elope-65elope-65 elope-66elope-66 elope-67elope-67 elope-68elope-68 elope-69elope-69 elope-70elope-70 elope-71elope-71 elope-72elope-72 elope-73elope-73 elope-74elope-74 elope-77elope-77 elope-78elope-78 elope-79elope-79 elope-80elope-80 elope-81elope-81

(Tryston Hines Photography) Thu, 22 Feb 2018 02:58:36 GMT
Grace and Jason Grace and I have been talking about her wedding photography for a while, like 7 years or something like that! We were just waiting for her own Prince Charming to find her. Who would have thought that she already knew him? Grace and Jason both went to high school together and now they are planning a spring wedding that I am so thrilled to be a part of! Until then, I get to share a bunch of favorites from their engagement session last month! 

We started out doing some "lifestyle" portraits in Grace's mom's kitchen and then exploring outside for a little bit - then headed over to Jason's parents' house for a stroll around the yard with their puppies <3 

gracon-1gracon-1 gracon-2gracon-2 gracon-4gracon-4 gracon-5gracon-5 gracon-6gracon-6 gracon-8gracon-8 gracon-9gracon-9 gracon-10gracon-10 gracon-11gracon-11 gracon-12gracon-12 gracon-14gracon-14 gracon-15gracon-15 gracon-16gracon-16 gracon-20gracon-20 gracon-21gracon-21 gracon-22gracon-22 gracon-23gracon-23 gracon-24gracon-24 gracon-26gracon-26 gracon-27gracon-27 gracon-28gracon-28 gracon-29gracon-29 gracon-30gracon-30 gracon-31gracon-31 gracon-32gracon-32 gracon-34gracon-34 gracon-35gracon-35 gracon-36gracon-36 gracon-37gracon-37 gracon-38gracon-38 gracon-39gracon-39 gracon-43gracon-43 gracon-45gracon-45 gracon-46gracon-46 gracon-48gracon-48 gracon-49gracon-49 gracon-51gracon-51 gracon-53gracon-53 gracon-54gracon-54 gracon-56gracon-56 gracon-57gracon-57 gracon-58gracon-58 gracon-59gracon-59 gracon-60gracon-60 gracon-61gracon-61 gracon-62gracon-62 gracon-64gracon-64 gracon-65gracon-65 gracon-66gracon-66 gracon-67gracon-67 gracon-68gracon-68 gracon-69gracon-69



(Tryston Hines Photography) Wed, 06 Dec 2017 21:58:01 GMT
kristin Now that this sweet, gorgeous woman is married to the sweetest man alive I can finally share her bridals! It was freezing cold (randomly, thanks Arkansas) and threatening rain the whole time, but Kristin had her heart set on taking her bridal portraits at St. Catherine's and I'm so, so glad. We had a chance to explore the grounds a little bit and take some beautiful portraits while Kristin told me all about Mark and his wonderful cooking. (I had some at the wedding, he's legit.) Also, Kristin's dress has pockets! Every wedding dress should have pockets!! 

Venue: St. Catherine's at Bell Gable
Florals: Cathy's Flowers
Hair: Brooke Fletcher
Makeup: MaRaya Hunnicutt - VSpa

bridals-5bridals-5 bridals-10bridals-10 bridals-17bridals-17 bridals-26bridals-26 bridals-31bridals-31 bridals-46bridals-46 bridals-50bridals-50 bridals-59bridals-59 bridals-63bridals-63 bridals-67bridals-67 bridals-69bridals-69 bridals-98bridals-98

Congratulations Kristin and Mark!!


(Tryston Hines Photography) Mon, 20 Nov 2017 16:15:12 GMT
Mr. and Mrs. Fite Lauren and John tied the knot at Cabin Creek Lookout last month and the day was as close to perfect as you could ask for! The weather was nice, the food was fantastic, and the people were amazing :) Lauren was stunning, and when John turned around to see her for the first time that day you could see in his eyes that he thought so too. Thank you guys for being willing to follow all my crazy directions (snuggle your faces like cats! spin her around like a disney princess! squeeze each other like you're cold at a football game!) and for letting me document your magical day. I wish you both the best that married life has to offer and I'm so honored to have been there at the beginning of it! 

Thank you to these amazing vendors for making the day happen:

Venue and catering: Cabin Creek Lookout
Florals: Cathy's Flowers (and and extra special high five to Joe for always being a wedding-day rockstar)
Cake: Michelle Mayor
Hair: Abbey Lee
Dress: Danielle's Bridal 
Suits: The Bridal Cottage
DJ: Alpha 1 entertainment 

fite-3fite-3 fite-1fite-1 fite-4fite-4 fite-5fite-5 fite-6fite-6 fite-7fite-7 fite-8fite-8 fite-9fite-9 fite-10fite-10 fite-12fite-12 fite-14fite-14 fite-16fite-16 fite-17fite-17 fite-18fite-18 fite-19fite-19 fite-21fite-21 fite-22fite-22 fite-23fite-23 fite-24fite-24 fite-27fite-27 fite-30fite-30 fite-31fite-31 fite-34fite-34 fite-35fite-35 fite-37fite-37 fite-39fite-39 fite-40fite-40 fite-42fite-42 fite-43fite-43 fite-44fite-44 fite-47fite-47 fite-49fite-49 fite-50fite-50 fite-52fite-52 fite-54fite-54 fite-55fite-55 fite-56fite-56 fite-57fite-57