McKinley's birth

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I have had the honor of photographing the Baer Family 15 times at this point. 15. We've had a wedding package, a full baby milestone plan, family sessions, and now another baby's pregnancy announcement, birth and newborn session! I don't officially photograph births anymore, but I love being there for clients that I've done past births for and it definitely makes it much easier when it's a scheduled induction! Erin went in around midnight on May 3rd to start her induction process and they broke her water around 9:30ish that morning. The dilation was slow, and then all of a sudden Erin flew from like a 3 to a 10 within the last hour (which was how it went with Cooper too!). The nurse came in and said she was at 8 1/2 and about a minute after she left Erin said you need to get her back in here! Sure enough, she was crowning. Erin's doctor made it just in time (after the nurses encouraged Erin to NOT push) to put gloves on and Erin pushed through 3 contractions and her sweet baby girl came out to meet her parents. McKinley Jo was born at 1:32pm weighing 6 lbs 15oz and measuring 20.5 inches long. She was greeted first by her parents, later by her big brother, and then grandparents and aunts! 
Erin and Anthony, thank you again for letting me document another amazing moment in your lives. I'm so glad I've gotten to watch your family grow!

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