Mr. and Mrs. Walbaum

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"We get along in life almost like any two main characters in a buddy comedy movie, and it's been like that every day since we met. The happiest I know I have ever been was when I looked across the altar from me and it dawned on me that I was marrying my best friend. Better still is I know it's true because if anyone asked her when she was the happiest, she would say the same exact thing, probably word for word." - Jason

I have known Jason a very long time. We actually grew up in a little town in Alaska together and then both ended up moving to Arkansas with our families later on. All that just to say, in all those years I've never seen him so happy as when he looks at Angel. She is his sun and his moon; everything that makes him unable to help but smile. It's genuine and precious. Angel is just about the sweetest person I've ever met - generous, kind, funny, and so easy to develop a friendship with. I was so, so honored to have been asked to photograph the start of their Happily Ever After and cried like a crazy person when I saw Jason open his eyes and see his bride that day. 

It was a beautiful October Sunday morning (yes you CAN get married on a non-saturday and it's amazing!) with perfect weather and wonderful people who had traveled a very long way to celebrate with them. The huge chapel doors opened and Angel made her way down to Jason, who had crafted a wooden chest for them to place love letters in during the ceremony. They'll take these letters out to read on their first anniversary and add a new one! That was just one of many special touches during the day, including a choreographed first dance!

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Walbaum! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness :)

Venue - Garvan Woodland Gardens in Hot Springs, AR
Officiant - Rebecca Bingham
Coordinator - Natasha from The Kendle Group
Photography - Tryston Hines Photography
Videography - Sunflower Films
Florist - Cabbage Rose Florist
DJ - Tim Koller from Elite Mobile Entertainment
Caterer - Gina's Catering
Cake: Bliss Cupcake Boutique
Makeup artist - Jessica Humerick
Hair stylist - Lindsey Powers

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