Cooper - birth story

April 05, 2016  •  1 Comment

I had the honor of photographing Erin and Anthony's sweet wedding on Mount Nebo a couple years ago and recently photographed their maternity session. I was so excited when Erin told me they were pregnant. I actually had randomly seen her in Nothing Fancy (I'm there every Friday - faithfully- for the Friday Special) and asked if they were getting ready to start a family. This may seem nosy, but we had had these conversations already because I knew how much they were looking forward to it. Those two are just so precious and I always get invested in my people. Many of my clients have become dear friends and Erin and Anthony are no exception. It is so special watching two people share their love with the world and then begin a family. She said "actually.........." and looked at me. I stared back for a second and it hit me. OH MY GOSH YOU'REPREGNANTRIGHTNOW. I was SUPER excited. Of course, I couldn't really say anything because it was still a secret. Another fun advantage of being a photographer is that you end up being a safe place to tell exciting information to because it's good for me to know and also they don't have to worry about me spilling the beans! I quickly reminded them that I do complimentary pregnancy announcements for my brides and grooms, so we set it up! A few months later we found out that the tiny life inside was a sweet little boy. 

Cooper was born on Friday, April 25th at Conway Regional Medical Center. His birth was scheduled, due to Erin's high blood pressure, so there was a ton of anticipation leading up to that day! His due date wasn't until March 3rd, so they were getting to meet their little boy a teeny bit early. I asked Erin to share about her pregnancy and the birth; I love adding words from my clients in their blog posts because it is just so much more personal! 

"Oh gosh. Where to even begin. I remember the day I told Anthony we were pregnant. I had taken a test the night of August 6...more like 3 that were positive within seconds. Anthony was already asleep so I had to wait until the next morning to tell him. It about killed me! When I told he asked me multiple times "this is real? You aren't kidding?" haha. Anthony has always wanted a family, kids to love on. His desire is to raise kids knowing the love of Jesus. It's his best quality and the one I love most.
The pregnancy was a breeze. I wasn't really sick. I remember Anthony and I had many conversations about being scared to become a parent. Not really scared about caring for Cooper, but of the responsibility to raise a Godly son in such an ungodly world. Thursday (the 24th), the day we went to the hospital is a blur. I piddled around the house and in town all day long. Anthony had cleaned the house 2 days earlier but I deep cleaned the house again and shopped for groceries. I think I knew we were going to have the baby we had waited 9 months on, but I don't know if I truly understood what it meant. March 25, the day Cooper was born is another blur. The day flew by. Dr. Cole broke my water around 8 and Cooper was born at 6:06pm. It seemed like just a few hours rather than 10. The best part of the day was finally holding our baby. When he was born, I just kept staring and thinking "oh my goodness" over and over. I don't know if I really understood in that moment that he was ours. When he was first brought over to me for skin-to-skin and he looked up at me...I knew in that moment what women had been talking about. The overwhelming flood of love for this tiny human is like nothing I have experienced before.
Bringing Cooper home has been so amazing. He is such a sweet natured baby who loves to cuddle. He only cries for feedings, and eats a ton! Anthony has exceeded my expectations in caring for Cooper and I. I couldn't imagine having a family with anyone else."

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birth-21birth-21 This next image is probably my favorite. Love can be expressed in all kinds of photos: engagement, wedding, anniversary, maternity, family - but the images that touch my heart the most are the ones that show devotion, encouragement, pain, love, joy, relief - all at once. birth-22birth-22 birth-23birth-23 birth-24birth-24
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Erin and Anthony, thank you so much for letting me be a part of all your special moments. You two are so precious and I adore that little boy. 



Jane and Gary Storment(non-registered)
beautiful story of a beautiful family. I remember the day you were born Erin. So proud of you and Anthony. Congratulations
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