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Mr. and Mrs. Gould

June 12, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Emily and Jay both unexpectedly found themselves in a piano bar 3 years ago and Jay worked up the courage to give her a "strategic bump" so they could strike up a conversation. He knew as soon as he saw her walk in that there was something "different" about her. Emily introduced herself first and then they chatted all night and exchanged numbers. They found out that both of their parents have the same names - Carol and Jerald and Carol and Gerald (not kidding), they are both the youngest of 3 children, and both ended up in a piano bar prompted by friends. It was destiny! Jay wrote up a beautiful story about it that you can check out here:

They began a long distance relationship for two years while Jay was in the Air Force in Little Rock and Emily lived in Northwest Arkansas. He drove almost every single weekend for two years to see her. In Jay's words, "I decided to transfer from active duty military to the Air National Guard and that was a decision that allowed me to relocate to Northwest Arkansas to pursue my degree and, most importantly, the woman of my dreams." 

Later on, Emily's best friend, Ana, invited her up to her house for a "photo shoot" for her online clothing store, Greenhaus. Ana said that she was setting up her camera to take a few images for the blog and had to run back inside to grab something. Emily didn't know that they were recording when Jay walked out and proposed to her on the balcony. She was completely caught off guard and said YES!! They went back to the house and all her friends had been hiding in the house waiting, even the ones from out of town, and his parents had driven all the way from Texas to be there.  As Emily walked through the door she was greeted with champagne, flowers, balloons, food, and all her loved ones. She fell to the floor and started bawling with tears of joy. 

I asked Emily what her favorite part of her wedding day was and she said, "Having all my friends and family under one roof to join us in celebration of our love!"  One thing was clear, you couldn't look at the bride and groom without knowing how much they absolutely adore each other. 

Venue - Camp Mitchell, Petit Jean Mountain
Dress - Maggie Sorento from Lows Bridal
Catering - head chef for the Camp, Chef Adam
Cakes and pies - Michelle Mayer
DJ - Jerry/Krystal Jarvis with Alpha1 DJ
Hair - Savannah at Short Cuts
Makeup - Maira at VSpa
Bouquet - Todd Sweeden
Centerpieces and decor - Cynthia and Tasha Garay from I Do Party Rentals

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