Tryston Hines Photography | Leslie and Bradley - Engagement session

Leslie and Bradley - Engagement session

July 16, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Leslie and Bradley are getting married NEXT MONTH. I'm excited to photograph their wedding day and I know that even though there is a good chance that August might be crazy hot, these two are going to look amazing and tough it out because they love each other and know that the photos are worth it! I know this because that's how their engagement session went! I had a few random locations picked out that I hadn't had the opportunity to use yet (places that require walking down the sidewalk in rainboots in 105 degree weather because you're about to hike through chest-high Baby's Breath looking weeds) and Bradley and Leslie were just so adventurous and willing to do anything I asked. For two hours. TWO HOURS in 105 heat??? Yes. These two are amazing. The reason I do 2 hour engagement session is to allow time for outfit changes, traveling to new locations, and honestly giving my couples some time to settle in and shake off the nerves. I get a chance to really interact and work with my couples so that when it's game time on the big day they are already professionals! 

Leslie and Bradley - thanks for being awesome. See ya next month!

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