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Mason's birth

July 26, 2016  •  1 Comment

Mason had a lot of people that were super excited for him to finally make his arrival. He's the third child in the Stancil family and his big brother and big sister could hardly contain themselves. The labor itself was uneventful (which is awesome!), Aubree went in to be induced, was at a complete by 10:50, pushed for exactly 10 minutes and at 11am delivered a beautiful, 8 lb 14oz baby boy! Aubree really wasn't that big during her pregnancy so we were all a little shocked as to where Mason had been hiding all that extra weight. The doctor was confident that he wasn't going to be over 7 lbs. Surprise! 
One thing that Aubree and Randall had decided was to give themselves plenty of time to meet their son and spend time with him before having visitors. She had time to do some skin-to-skin, nurse him, and let him tackle all of his nursery requirements before settling in to their post-partum room where Mason's siblings came in to meet their little brother. Here are some favorites from Mason's birthday!

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Gigi and Poppi(non-registered)
Triston did an exceptional job of capturing the most sentimental moments. A simply beautiful testament of love is seen on all your faces. Your new addition of Mason is just as lovely as your first two blessings. God is so awesome! Much love to you all!
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