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Creek - Birth Story

August 09, 2016  •  1 Comment

Deborah went in for a normal doctor's appointment last Tuesday at 9am. Her doctor checked her, noticed fluid, and recommended that she walk on over to labor and delivery to be induced. By 9:45/10am she was all hooked up, and at 10:45 Dr. Holland came in and broke her water the rest of the way. Deborah had been having heavy contractions for two week already and had been in and out of L&D frequently. After her water was broken the contractions started back up. She'd been at a 3 for weeks. By 1 pm she was 4cm, got her epidural and finally started progressing. Being able to relax through her contractions seemed to help her speed things along and by 2:30 she was at a 6 and was feeling pressure. Half an hour later she was at an 8 and by 3:30 was complete! The nurse had her do a practice push but halfway through said "STOP!" Dr. Holland arrived quickly and after just a few minutes of pushing baby Creek arrived at 3:48pm. 

Creek had a special blanket waiting for him made out of his Grandpa's old shirts and a going home outfit made from his denim. He also had a team of friends and family who couldn't wait to snuggle him and welcome him into the world. 

Backstory on the name Creek, written by Deborah:
"After my Dad passed away unexpectedly, I started researching his side of the family on Ancestry to try and see if more of his family had heart problems. I found that my great grandpa's name was Creek. I instantly fell in love with the name and how unique it was! Creek's middle name is James and that is my Dad's first name. I always dreamed of carrying on my Daddy's name to my future son even before he passed away. My Dad and I were so close and had such a close bond. When I lost him, it was the hardest thing I've ever had to go through. My Daddy loved all of his grand babies and I know he would be so happy to snuggle this little man, but instead he got to help God perfect his little body! 
A few coincidental things I noticed during my delivery were that whenever I started progressing much faster, right after the epidural, the song "I saw God today" by George Straight was playing on Pandora. This was the song that was playing as I found out my Daddy gained his angel wings and I have looked to that song for peace and comfort whenever I feel down about missing him. Also, right before I went complete and started pushing, the song "I'm already there" by Lonestar came on and I had Blake change it because it started making me too emotional. I feel like those small things could've been my Dad letting me know he was there. 
All I know is that I am SO blessed and SO happy to have this new precious baby boy added to my little family. God really did work on our sweet baby. I am so thankful!"

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Deborah and Blake, 

Thank you so much for giving me the honor of documenting Creek's birth. I hope these photos bring a smile to your face! The rest of the images can be viewed at - click on the folder that says Creek Davis Birth. Deborah, you were absolutely amazing, and at time super hilarious even when you didn't mean to be. I'm proud of you for being a wonderful mother to your two amazing children!

Wishing you a full nights rest soon and a lifetime of happiness!



Jo Thompson(non-registered)
If this story doesn't make you cry, there is something wrong with your heart and eyes!!❤️ So very beautiful.
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