Tryston Hines Photography | Ashley and Casey - Engagement Session

Ashley and Casey - Engagement Session

September 16, 2016  •  1 Comment

First of all, these two are hilarious. I tend to be a little awkward with my couples (I've found that it helps them feel free to loosen up) and they made me feel right at home. It was super hot that day and they didn't complain; they just laughed together and embraced the two hour session. We started off with some sweet pictures of their little family of three. Blayze and I became best friends when she and Ashley came to the studio to book the wedding (which I heard is pretty uncommon so that made me feel super special!) so when it was picture day she held my hand and walked around with me, helped me take photos, and then joined in when she felt like it! 

For the rest of the session Ashley, Casey, and I had a great time just laughing and I am really looking forward to their wedding day. It's a breath of fresh air when a couple can just be themselves in front of the camera and have fun. I love to capture joy, and these two have loads of it!

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Kandis Buckman(non-registered)
These are amazing you guys! Absolutely love them. Beautiful!!!
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