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Mr. and Mrs. Lynn

February 21, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Stephanie and Tim are two beautiful souls who decided to elope on a mountain in the middle of January in the freezing cold! We got to spend a couple hours driving around to different spots around Petit Jean just capturing their love and not worrying about rushing to cut cake, get back to guests, timelines, vendors, etc. Elopements are really an amazing way to celebrate in a much more relaxed environment. We still did detail shots, getting ready images, and a first look! We spent the afternoon taking portraits and talking about our favorite movies and the next day they exchanged vows. The water was covered in ice and the wind blew their hair around in crazy ways but the two of them just looked at each other with so much warmth and adoration that it really didn't matter what the weather was doing. 

Thank you both for being so adventurous and for letting me document this magical time in your lives <3

Location - Petit Jean Mountain
Tim's suit- JcPenny
Rings- Tara & Co. Diamonds
Bouquet- Artistic Florist
Dress- Lulus
Hair- Carlie Lay at Symmetrix Salon

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