Mr. and Mrs. Walker

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Eight years ago Grace said to me "someday I'm going to have you do my wedding pictures", we gushed about it for a bit and then we watched Breakfast at Tiffany's and talked about life. I bumped into the two of them a while back at church and she pulled me aside and said "He's the one. I know it with all my heart." When Jason proposed, Grace sent me a pic of the ring and said "IT'S GO TIME!!!!" and I literally jumped up and squealed. I've gotten to know Grace and her family over the years and couldn't have been more excited for her to find her happily ever after.  Grace and Jason love deeply, laugh loudly and dance in the kitchen (I have pictures), and they were surrounded by a ton of family and friends that cheered them on and showered them with love and joy on their wedding day. Some people just come for the cake - these people came to celebrate! 
I bawled my eyes out several times that day. 
When she and her mother looked at each other when the dress was on and just let it sink in that this was the day - this was the happiest day of her life
When Jason turned to see his gorgeous bride and was SO excited to see her and start their life together
When Kristy proudly walked her daughter down the aisle
When they were pronounced husband and wife and it was pure joy all over their faces as if they had waited a thousand years for each other
When Grace danced with her husband for the first time and she melted into his arms
When Brad held her hand for the Father-Daughter dance
When she lost it when her grandpa got up to hug her and she held on so tightly
I have also never laughed so hard at a wedding - or while editing. Literal streams of tears during the wedding and for hours while I was working on the gallery. There would be 10 gorgeous images and then one completely random, hilarious one. The random goofy faces, the wedding party just letting loose all day, the awkward moment when 4 other brides walked in to the same park when we were doing portraits, La Marcha, Grace's grandpa convincing the DJ he's a mob boss, the dance battles, Jason looking like his life had been changed because of the cake, and so much more. The Walker, Berdin, Allen crew are some of the most fun people to be around (and amazing dancers) and I about died when the platter of McDonalds burgers were brought out. To see the full gallery or to purchase any prints you can click here:
Here of some of my favorite moments from the day! 

Venue: The Marriott in Little Rock
Florals: Cathy's Flowers in Russellville
Catering: Marriott in-house catering
Cakes: Mickey's cakes and sweets
Bride's Dress: Low's 
Bridesmaid dresses: Lulu's 
Suits: Rendezvous
Rings: Sissy's Log Cabin
Hair and Makeup: Face Your Day Salon
DJ: Mario from Center AR Entertainment 
Videography: Sunflower Films
Photography: Tryston Hines Photography

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