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Mr. and Mrs. Browning

June 28, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Before he knew her name, Blake knew that he would marry Brooke. I was honored to capture that day for them and help prove that he was right! Blake and Brooke are two of the sweetest, most thoughtful people. I have enjoyed every minute with these two! They became Mr. and Mrs. Browning on May 28th out at Brooke's Great Grandmother's farm. I asked Brooke to share a little bit about the history of the land:

"My Great Grandmother, we called her Nanaw, owned 80 acres of woods and farmland. She became elderly and had to sell her animals. Nanaw has always been special to me. She and I shared the same birthday; we were 88 years apart. Nanaw's Farm has always been a place I hold very close to my heart, and is becoming one of Blake's favorite places to go. The barn loft was and still is the spot I go to when I begin to feel overwhelmed with school or life in general. It was considered my "safe place" to just sit and listen to the sound of nature. Nanaw passed away in 2009 at the age of 102. Now the 80 acres is split between her kids, each getting 40 acres, and will continue to be handed down."

Brooke and Blake shared the story of how they met with me at their engagement session and I almost didn't believe them! Theirs is almost a "love at first sight" story. I asked Brooke to share that for their blog post and also what her favorite memory from the wedding was!

"I was a waitress at Brangus Steakhouse. One night, Blake and his buddy came in and were seated in my section. I thought one of them was cute but didn't give it a second thought. They ate their meal and left. The next night, the two guys came back. I was hostess that night and Blake was disappointed that I wasn't his waitress again. That night, he told his friend, "She's the one." He still didn't even know my name. Before they left the restaurant, he asked for me name and added me as a friend on Facebook. We started talking that next week while I was on vacation to the beach. Once I got back, Blake and I hung out at his place and watched a movie. From then on, I knew I would fall hard for Blake. We've been together for 2 years as of June 16, 2016. 
My favorite moment, besides marrying my best friend, was with Beka (my Matron of Honor). It was one of the funniest parts of my day. Mom had just finished lacing up my dress and it was almost time for pictures. I realized I had forgotten to relieve myself before I put my dress on. Beka was finishing her makeup, so I pulled her aside from the other Bridesmaids and asked if she would help me and hold up my dress while I used the restroom. She almost died laughing because this subject has come up before and I told her it wouldn't happen because I would be sure to go before I got in the dress. Turns out, I was wrong and she made sure to remind me. After we left the bathroom, we started reminiscing about the 4 years we've been best friends. At that moment, I knew I had made the right decision asking her to be my Matron of Honor."
Wedding Dress: Danielle's Bridal - Clarksville
Bridesmaid Dresses: JJ's House online
Men's vests and ties: Danielle's Bridal
Bridal party hangers: Tara at
Bridal Cake: Virginia Hayhurst (family friend)
Groom's Cake: The Cake Place - Russellville
Bridal party hair - Brandi and Jennifer from Tangles Salon - Russellville
Florals: Cathy's Flowers - Russellville
Catering: Old Post BBQ - Russellville
Tables, Chairs, and Linens: Confetti's Party Rental - Little Rock
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Brooke and Blake, 
Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your special day. I've loved every minute at your engagement session, Brooke's bridal session, and meeting up to discuss photos! I'm so glad I was able to be there and very thankful for amazing clients like you guys who trusted me to take care of you in the middle of kidney stones and craziness! I wish you both a lifetime of happiness!


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