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Mr. and Mrs. Magie

July 06, 2016  •  1 Comment

Hannah and Tyler tied the knot on June 11th at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Morrilton. They were surrounded by tons of friends and family (so many that they barely fit into the reception hall at the Knights of Columbus) and I don't think I've ever seen two people smile so much, so brightly. 

Their relationship began with a SUPER romantic text: "Hey what's up?" from Tyler. He was finally reaching out to the girl his mom had been bugging him about even though he thought it was lame. Neither one would have ever thought in a million years that would lead to a gorgeous wedding day! Tyler's family and Hannah's family are both from Morrilton. When her aunt was 16 she married her high school sweetheart who (eventually) turned out to be Tyler's uncle (one of 23 aunts and uncles!!!). Tyler and Hannah had actually known each other their entire lives from a distance. They have a photo of the two of them on Tyler's mom's lap when they were about a year old. In high school their schools would play against each other and they would see each other at the games. The summer before Hannah started grad school at UCA, Tyler's mom got Hannah's number from her aunt (Hannah says that Tyler's mom was getting tired of his girlfriend choices so she took matters into her own hands) and told him that Hannah was single, sweet, and he needed to ask her out. She bugged him enough that he sent the first text to his future wife. 

I always like to ask my brides and grooms what their favorite moment from the wedding was and Tyler's was almost dropping Hannah on the altar for their first kiss.... true story. Hannah said her favorite memory was getting to kneel at the altar and hold hands. They chose not to do a first look, she finally felt calm for the first time that day seeing him and holding on to him. While they were kneeling he whispered to her how beautiful she looked :)

Venue - Sacred Heart Catholic Church - Reception at the Knights of Columbus Hall
Dress & Bridesmaids dresses - Low's Bridal in Brinkley, AR
Tuxes - Merle Norman in Morrilton
Florals - Events Florals in Conway
Cake - Julie's Sweet Shoppe in Conway
Groom's pies - Patti Cakes in Conway
DJ - D.J. Medic - Chance LaCour
Caterer - Road Hog BBQ
Videography - The Kindred Collective
Hair - Leslie Zimmerman
Makeup - Belle and Blush, Little Rock

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Tyler and Hannah, thank you so much for letting me be a part of your special day. I had a blast at your engagement session and at Hannah's bridals and your wedding day was perfect! You guys are super fun and always up for whatever I could think of for pictures. Thanks for braving the heat!​



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The pics are great Tryston! You captured the day perfectly!! Thank you!
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