Mr. and Mrs. Taylor

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Hannah and Logan met through Hannah's best friend, José. He and Logan both worked at Walmart pushing carts and José insisted that Hannah should meet Logan. She was not interested in meeting someone, so their relationship got off to a slow start. Hannah's mom actually met Logan first but had no idea she was yelling at someone that would be her son-in-law someday! At the time, Logan and José had the same haircut and both were tanned from pushing carts outside all day. One day Hannah's mom shouted "Hey! I know you!!" and Logan turned around - "Oh! No I don't!". Both were a little confused but quickly went their separate ways. Some time later Hannah went to a party with José and saw Logan there. Over time she got to know him and decided that she was going to be his girlfriend, Logan agreed, and they began their happily ever after! 

The two got married at Moss Mountain farm a few weeks ago and let me tell you - this place is STUNNING. Hannah's dream for her wedding day was like a french garden party and all her vendors came together to pull off an amazing celebration. I've now had the chance to photograph their engagement session in the fall, Hannah's bridal session in the spring, and their wedding in the summer and I've loved each season! 

Venue: P.Allen Smith's Moss Mountain Farm 
Coordination: Mandy Shoptaw
Cake: Natalie Madison with Artisan Cakes
Catering: Moss Mountain Farm
Florals and parasols for reception: Tanarah Luxe Floral
Tablescapes: Moss Mountain
Quartet: John Garboe
Videography: Katey Wise
Groom's ring: Stag Head Designs
Bride's ring: Jones & Sons
Bride's dress: Heirloom worn by her grandmother and mother
Suits: Joseph A Banks
Makeup: Alexis Garcia - Makeup by Lexi
Hair - Breathe Salon
DJ - Chance LaCour
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Hannah and Logan, thank you so much for letting me be a part of your fairy tale wedding. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness and I can wait to meet your little Irish souvenir! 



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