Addie Rachelle's Birth

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After all the Christmas festivities were over and everyone had settled down for the night, Addie decided she was ready to join the fun. The call came in at 1:39 am that Stephanie was headed to the hospital because her contractions were the real deal. She got checked in and was still only dilated to a 1, but she was due to be induced less than 24 hours later, so they waited for a little bit. At 4:32 the call came in that her water had broken. Stephanie was definitely not going home until her baby girl was in her arms. She labored slowly through the morning, hitting the worst of the pain (even with the epidural) when she was around 7cm. Addie was moving down and ready to go but it just wasn't time yet. By about 1:30pm Stephanie was at 10 and the nurses recommended that she labor down (let baby move down without pushing) for a while and at 2:30 the pushing began. There was only one test push before the doctor was called, and after 45 minutes Addie Rachelle entered the world at 3:15 pm weighing 7lbs 2 oz, measuring 20 1/4 inches long the day after Christmas.

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Austin and Stephanie, thank you so much for letting me document such a special day for you. It's an honor to be trusted with these memories and to watch your little girl grow. Before you know it we'll be doing a cake smash. Here's a preview from her newborn session!



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