Samuel's birth story

March 02, 2017  •  2 Comments

James Samuel Ricketts was officially welcomed into the world last Wednesday (Feb 22) and I had the honor of being there to document his birthday. Kortney and Dakota have become very special to me over the years. I photographed their wedding in Dardanelle, AR and then documented the growth of their family with maternity, birth, and first year milestone images for their first son, Lincoln. He is the little cutie who greeted me when I got to the Rickett house around 9:20am :)


He was very excited to show me his little brother's room!

samuel-2samuel-2 samuel-9samuel-9 samuel-10samuel-10 samuel-11samuel-11 samuel-12samuel-12 samuel-14samuel-14 samuel-15samuel-15 samuel-16samuel-16

samuel-18samuel-18 samuel-19samuel-19 samuel-20samuel-20 samuel-21samuel-21 samuel-22samuel-22 samuel-23samuel-23 samuel-24samuel-24

After taking a few pictures around the house and loading the car, the Ricketts family went back to Samuel's nursery to pray for him before going to their scheduled C-Section. samuel-26samuel-26 samuel-27samuel-27 samuel-28samuel-28 samuel-29samuel-29 samuel-30samuel-30 samuel-31samuel-31 samuel-32samuel-32 samuel-33samuel-33 samuel-34samuel-34 samuel-36samuel-36 samuel-37samuel-37

samuel-38samuel-38 samuel-39samuel-39 samuel-40samuel-40 samuel-41samuel-41 samuel-42samuel-42 samuel-43samuel-43 samuel-44samuel-44

Lincoln needed mommy to kiss a boo-boo real quick! Super mom to the rescue, even in surgery-prep! samuel-45samuel-45 samuel-46samuel-46 samuel-47samuel-47 samuel-48samuel-48 samuel-49samuel-49

samuel-50samuel-50 samuel-51samuel-51

Kortney was a champ throughout the surgery and definitely felt the moment that Samuel was pulled out (no pain though!) samuel-52samuel-52

At 12:19 James Samuel Ricketts was officially 0 minutes old! samuel-53samuel-53

Dakota was still able to cut the cord and check out his sweet baby boy before returning to Kortney's side.  samuel-54samuel-54 samuel-55samuel-55 samuel-56samuel-56 samuel-57samuel-57 samuel-58samuel-58 samuel-59samuel-59 samuel-60samuel-60 samuel-61samuel-61

While Kortney got put back together, Dakota got to spend some one on one time with baby Samuel after the nurses did footprints and temp checks.  samuel-62samuel-62 samuel-63samuel-63 samuel-64samuel-64 samuel-65samuel-65 samuel-66samuel-66 samuel-67samuel-67 samuel-68samuel-68 samuel-69samuel-69

Finally, momma-bear got to hold her sweet boy. samuel-70samuel-70 samuel-71samuel-71 samuel-72samuel-72 samuel-73samuel-73 samuel-74samuel-74 samuel-75samuel-75 samuel-76samuel-76 samuel-77samuel-77 samuel-78samuel-78 samuel-79samuel-79 samuel-80samuel-80 samuel-81samuel-81 samuel-82samuel-82 samuel-83samuel-83 samuel-86samuel-86 samuel-87samuel-87 samuel-88samuel-88 samuel-89samuel-89 samuel-91samuel-91 samuel-92samuel-92 samuel-93samuel-93 samuel-94samuel-94 samuel-95samuel-95 samuel-96samuel-96 samuel-98samuel-98 samuel-99samuel-99 samuel-100samuel-100 samuel-102samuel-102 samuel-103samuel-103 samuel-104samuel-104 samuel-105samuel-105

Samuel needed to spend just a little bit of time in the NICU to help his breathing become more regular, so he got all set up down there while Kortney and her family were moved to a post-labor room. The nurses were very sweet and still let us take pictures of Samuel so I could go back to momma and show her a few shots on the back of my camera. samuel-106samuel-106 samuel-107samuel-107 samuel-108samuel-108 samuel-109samuel-109 samuel-110samuel-110 samuel-111samuel-111 samuel-112samuel-112 samuel-113samuel-113 samuel-114samuel-114 samuel-115samuel-115 samuel-116samuel-116 samuel-117samuel-117


Kortney and Dakota, thank you so much for sharing your precious moments with me. Your family is so very special to me and I love you all! 


P.S. - Everyone loves my "I Shoot People" mug that you gave me! I've been sporting it everywhere ;)


I love this family, I am
One smitten Nanny!
Stacey Pope(non-registered)
Love this... you have a gorgeous family. He is such a beautiful baby, Congratulations!!
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