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Jaurdan's Bridals

April 30, 2017  •  2 Comments

Yesterday Jaurdan and Brody shared their vows (in between flash flood alerts) in a beautifully decorated barn in Rudy, AR. The wedding was gorgeous and the two were surrounded by tons of friends and family who braved the thunderstorms to celebrate with them. I can now share a few of my favorites from Jaurdan's Bridal session from about a month ago. The skies were horribly overcast that day too and threatened rain, but we made it work! Even shooting well into the night when everything had gotten dark. 

Venue: Pecan Grove at Honey Hill

flowers: Clarksville Florist

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Sara Craig(non-registered)
My heart leaped when I saw the black and white ones in the barn! They are all amazing, but that one WOW!
Tryston you did amazing!
Casey Crawford(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures, and a beautiful bride!
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