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Mr. and Mrs. McKinney

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Alex and Zach were two of the most hilarious people I'd ever met - until I met the rest of their wedding party. I've never laughed so much at a wedding! These people are just full of life and their joy is contagious. While I was editing the dance pictures I actually laughed so hard I cried and fell off my chair once. I can only hope that when they look back at their wedding pictures Zach and Alex are reminded of how much fun they had and how they were surrounded by love and friendships. 

Venue: Mount Magazine Lodge
Dress: Twirl Boutique - Lexington KY
Hair: Brandie Housley and Savannah Underhill Smith
Flowers and Coordination: Cathy's Flowers and Events
Makeup: Lacey Loyd
Cake: Mrs. Sutterfield
Cookies: Kneading Hands Bakery
Ceremony Musicians: CJ and Allie Smith
Officiants: Greg Sykes and Tim Carter
DJ: Dj JellyBean - Central AR Entertainment
Videography: Ryan Taylor
Photography: Tryston Hines Photography ;)

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After the romantic first look all bets were off. The boys showed up and it was pure craziness from there out!  mckinney-55mckinney-55 mckinney-56mckinney-56 mckinney-57mckinney-57 mckinney-58mckinney-58 mckinney-59mckinney-59 mckinney-60mckinney-60 mckinney-61mckinney-61 mckinney-64mckinney-64 mckinney-71mckinney-71 mckinney-70mckinney-70 mckinney-72mckinney-72 mckinney-73mckinney-73 mckinney-74mckinney-74 mckinney-75mckinney-75 mckinney-76mckinney-76 mckinney-77mckinney-77 mckinney-79mckinney-79 mckinney-80mckinney-80 mckinney-81mckinney-81 mckinney-82mckinney-82 mckinney-67mckinney-67 mckinney-84mckinney-84 mckinney-85mckinney-85 mckinney-89mckinney-89

The first dance for Father/Daughter started off nice and sweet and pretty quickly got crazy. It was super fun, and the big surprise was when the Mother/Son dance took over and the whole thing turned into a dance off!   mckinney-90mckinney-90 mckinney-96mckinney-96 mckinney-98mckinney-98 mckinney-102mckinney-102 mckinney-106mckinney-106

Don't have a garter? Just throw a chocolate covered strawberry.   mckinney-110mckinney-110 mckinney-118mckinney-118 mckinney-114mckinney-114


Alex and Zach, I'd wish you all the happiness life has to offer but I think you already have it :) I was honored to have captured your special day for you and I hope these images make you smile for many, many years. 




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