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Mr. and Mrs. Gangluff

September 01, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Tara and Jonathon became husband and wife in the sweetest little church in their hometown of St. Vincent, AR. They were surrounded by a ton of bridesmaids, groomsmen, friends, and family as they became Mr. and Mrs. Gangluff. Here is a snapshot of their happily-ever-after! 

Venue: St. Vincent Catholic Church
Coordinator: Becky Lewandowski
DJ: Brian Rohlman
Hair: Kristie Ward 
Makeup: Sam Henry 
Florals: Pam Teague 
Dresses: LuLu's 
Suits: Merle Norman 
Decor: done by family
Groom's cake: Janet Speights
Bride's cake: Michelle Poteete
Catering: Personal Touch - Vicki Harris


There is a cat at this church who likes to photobomb - he followed me around for a while before I just went with it and let him be in the picture! (He's actually photoshopped out of the first one) gangluffwed-1gangluffwed-1 gangluffwed-5gangluffwed-5 gangluffwed-6gangluffwed-6 gangluffwed-7gangluffwed-7 gangluffwed-9gangluffwed-9 gangluffwed-4gangluffwed-4 gangluffwed-10gangluffwed-10

Tara decided to do a first look with her dad followed by one with her groom so that she could spend a little time with each of them before the wedding day started moving fast! gangluffwed-11gangluffwed-11 gangluffwed-15gangluffwed-15 gangluffwed-16gangluffwed-16 gangluffwed-21gangluffwed-21 gangluffwed-22gangluffwed-22 gangluffwed-24gangluffwed-24 gangluffwed-25gangluffwed-25 gangluffwed-27gangluffwed-27 gangluffwed-28gangluffwed-28 gangluffwed-30gangluffwed-30 gangluffwed-31gangluffwed-31 gangluffwed-33gangluffwed-33 gangluffwed-34gangluffwed-34 gangluffwed-35gangluffwed-35 gangluffwed-37gangluffwed-37 gangluffwed-39gangluffwed-39 gangluffwed-40gangluffwed-40 gangluffwed-41gangluffwed-41 gangluffwed-38gangluffwed-38 gangluffwed-43gangluffwed-43 gangluffwed-45gangluffwed-45 gangluffwed-46gangluffwed-46 gangluffwed-47gangluffwed-47 gangluffwed-48gangluffwed-48 gangluffwed-49gangluffwed-49 gangluffwed-50gangluffwed-50 gangluffwed-51gangluffwed-51 gangluffwed-52gangluffwed-52

When you just want to go back to bed but people insist you have to work! I get it man, I do.  gangluffwed-53gangluffwed-53 gangluffwed-56gangluffwed-56 gangluffwed-57gangluffwed-57 gangluffwed-59gangluffwed-59 gangluffwed-60gangluffwed-60 gangluffwed-61gangluffwed-61 gangluffwed-62gangluffwed-62 gangluffwed-63gangluffwed-63 gangluffwed-64gangluffwed-64 gangluffwed-65gangluffwed-65 gangluffwed-66gangluffwed-66 gangluffwed-67gangluffwed-67 gangluffwed-69gangluffwed-69 gangluffwed-68gangluffwed-68 gangluffwed-70gangluffwed-70 gangluffwed-72gangluffwed-72 gangluffwed-73gangluffwed-73 gangluffwed-74gangluffwed-74 gangluffwed-75gangluffwed-75 gangluffwed-76gangluffwed-76 gangluffwed-77gangluffwed-77 gangluffwed-78gangluffwed-78 gangluffwed-82gangluffwed-82 gangluffwed-86gangluffwed-86 gangluffwed-88gangluffwed-88 gangluffwed-90gangluffwed-90 gangluffwed-91gangluffwed-91 gangluffwed-92gangluffwed-92

Tara and Jonathon, I hope these images bring you joy every time you see them. I hope you decorate your home with them so that every time you walk by, you can't help but re-live some of these special moments and fall in love all over again. You guys are the best! Thank you for letting me document your happily ever after.



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